Thursday, December 24, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

A while back Walking Man, suggested no sappy christmas songs, I have tried to honor his request.


  1. I come over here for sappy and I get this? Hey, have a good one bro!

  2. sometimes, sappy is OK....this was Ok.
    warm and fuzzy wishes

  3. I think I may Replace Ode to Joy with this Waits song as my favorite Christmas time piece.
    Thank you this was almost as good a gift as the 4 -12 packs of Diet Pepsi I got from the kids.

  4. not sappy at all... great tune... gotta love tom waits

    hope you're having a good one


  5. JadedJ...sorry to disappoint. (I had a great one, the grand Kids were just that.)
    Harlequin...(excuse the reply) SEE JJ! She understands!!! (do i have to sit next to him on the bus? this year too?)Uhumm, also, thanks for the warm and fuzzies.
    Walkin' Man... are not children the most thoughtful and seem to just know what is closest, to their dad's heart.
    Jon...Thanks man, he cracked me up. 'Course that has overtones, with a song like that one.


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