Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo of the Moment

Now everyone wants a story to go with the photo. Maybe later.
Just liked the billboard and the rust that was being placed under it by the antique dealer openin' up on Sunday Morning, last.

Albany, Georgia 2009


  1. nice shot... the shadow on the old screen door is what my eye drinks first...

    and yeah... bring on that story... lots of material to work with here

  2. Great photo. I think the story is summed up right there on the sign...Taste of the South...Sandy's Bottom. End of Story.

  3. It is an interesting photo and after seeing it would love to check out the place.

  4. Is that the place where they made the telescope?

  5. walking man...good one! har har har.

  6. WTF where you doing in Albany GA? Little out of your territory isn't it. To bad I didn't know you were going, you could have looked up Olivier Gendebien who teaches at ASU.


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