Monday, November 30, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Had a nice time with Family and young ones. The blessed of our lives.

During the course of conversation,

Politicks crawl onto ones skin.

So I come back to the sanctuary of my studio and catch up on the blogosphere and find JadedJ pumpin' politicks out into the 'sphere.
Damn I hate when that happens I just can't keep my mouth shut.

My Brother-in-Law is a cool dude and he would give me the heads up
and say (out loud) Punch has 'NOTHING TO SAY'
I'd say Amen.
Well I'm home and safe and JJ will try to say HEY,
your late! and I'll say 'huh'
So when it comes to American Politicks I must defer to Roseann Cash and John Stewart.
Now it is an analogy, I am in love with the country of my origin, and my father and mother and grand fathers and grandmothers and great grandmothers and great grandfathers, and great, great, grandmothers and fathers and great, great, great grand fathers and mothers. I feel as if this great country has become a runaway train.

It breaks my heart.

I'm worried about you

I'm worried about me

The curves around midnight

Aren't easy to see

Flashing red warnings

Unseen in the rain

This thing has turned into

A runaway train

Long-distance phone calls
A voice on the line

Electrical miles

That soften the time

The dynamite too

Is hooked on the wire

And so are the rails

Of American Flyers

Blind boys and gamblers

They invented the blues

Will pay up in blood

When this marker comes due

To try and get off now

It's about as insane

As those who wave lanterns

At runaway trains

Steel rails and hard lives

Are always in twos

I have been here before this

And now it's with you

I'm worried about you

I'm worried about me

We're lighting the fuses

And counting to three

And what are the choices

For those who remain

The sign of the cross

On a runaway train

This thing has turned into

A runaway train

This thing has turned into

A runaway train

Our love has turned into

A runaway train


  1. Our societies have jumped aboard a runaway train. Our honest love jumped off and the wise with it a long time ago brother. The thing ain't crashed yet so there is still time to stop the train or *shrug* join the wise.

  2. The planet Earth is a runaway train, hurtling through the cosmos at about 17,000 miles per hour heading to who knows where.

    Glad Turkey Day went well. We are lucky to be in 1st class on the runaway train.

  3. ...and it's gathering speed brother, sorry to say.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I too am discouraged about the runaway train.


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