Monday, November 9, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

I have a whole country ham I'm planning to cook.
I've cleaned off the mold with an iron brush and have it soaking for two days with frequent changes of water.
How would you cook this?


  1. This site has got a few ideas Punch -

  2. Try dipping it in Red Devil lye, that should be hot enough. No, put it out on the grill with just enough charcoal and wood chips to keep a steady fire and lots of smoke... for probably, 4 hours or so. Check on it frequently and keep a water bottle handy to knock back flame-ups.
    Great image.

  3. With two blondes and a brunette...sans, you know.

  4. you could soak it in wine...
    sorry, that was rude. Cloves, oranges and pineapple always do it for me...

  5. When it's done, it should be served with a side of collard greens, a sweet potato and a bottle of Black Jack. Depending on how well you cook the sides, you might want the Black Jack first.

  6. Harlequin.. no pun

    not rude

    is a rotting ham???

    Damn the jew

    they might be right??? Where

    is Cheney on this?

  7. hah!! you are so talented with this .... ;)

  8. Harlequin...funny you should say soak it in wine, I have a friend who used that approch, firs it sat in water for days and then in a big roaster and two (2) bottles of Mosel wine and cooked and turned and cooked and turned and sugar and more cooking, poured two (2) bottles of Mosel wine down the drain, and at the end of it all, He was the only one in the family to eat it. He's got enough old country ham to last until 2012.
    I asked about the wine.
    He sadly suggested that it should have been in glasses.


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