Friday, November 6, 2009

Nothing to Laugh About

Not only are there, mean spirited, news people, who are workin' the current president for ratings, there are mean spirited people, in the military of this great county.

Fort Hood, Texas where the youth of this great country are 'deployed' to die or come back lame at, at fuckin', best. And George W. Bush is on the motivational circuit. About how to make money in a crisis.

I just have to cry. In shame and despair. I was spared that horror, and now A fucking hospital , in Fucking- Bring Them On- Texan, AfuckingMerica was Attacked by A whack job who, WHO, fucking worked on the fuckin' base. Fuck me to Tears.

This hatred has to stop, among my countrymen.

Now some person with tits, is going to rant that I called them, Ahummmmmm "countrymen" and not countrywomen. Jesus, I give up, Uncle, you win, we all have a chest that can be destroyed by a GOD DAMNED LEAD BULLIT, I DON'T CARE WHO YOU BUY IT FROM.

(but I digress)

Just, fucking let the fucking NRA get the civilian guns off the fucking, military bases.

Just how many rounds did that whack job fire?

Yeah, sell more bullets just like the Talking Heads say.

I'm going to hush now.

Say a prayer for the dead. The fucking shooter is still alive. The cops aim and have gun control.

GodDamnIt to Hell.

On a lighter note go see JadedJ's site with Tom Waits. (I ripped him off)


  1. Punch

    There really isn't much to say that would make you feel less aggrieved. I do not recommend the hardness of heart that allows you not to feel what you have expressed just breathe brother and remember that the road is ever long and strewn with holes and the best you can do is not fall into all of them.

    Waits is coll for a guy who has a perpetual frog in the throat. Love his work.

  2. It's all about strategry, my guess is you would want to call it. And inspirationization.

  3. I can't get a handle on this particular tragedy. Far too many are jumping on the religiously motivation band wagon, and I'm not even sure I give a shit why. All I know is there are a lot of dead and maimed human beings as a result. Deranged man with a gun, what else is there to say. Get rid of the Goddamn guns.

  4. Over 100 rounds fired. There were signs that he was imploding - emails, voice mails, a trial to get out of the could this have gotten so out of control? There were signs.

  5. A clue... He was screaming Allah Akbar while pulling the trigger. Maybe it's damned sure time for some ethno-religious profiling.


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