Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Stale Hell, is this?

Turkeys one and all.


  1. The wrong turkey is being fed into the machine if you ask me. But then had the right one been placed there it would have, and still is, unpalatable to me.

  2. Christ almighty! Stuff that blathering bitch into the machine and feed her to the other turkeys.

  3. Saw this last year after it happened. I had the same thought at the time. Speaking of gobblers. YOU JUST RUINED MY FUCKING THANKSGIVING ASSHOLEO!

  4. When. Will. That. Stupid. Bitch. Go. Away. ???

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Punch. Hope your bird is done to perfection.

  5. doesn't matter how many times I see this.... there is still NOTHING redeeming about this woman; thanks for the reminder.

  6. Walkin' Man...there must be some things one will not eat!
    Mr. Charles...I agree, but I recommend working on the wording.
    JadedJ...thanks bro, but i would suggest I just started the ball rollin'. In laws are the spoilers.
    Intelli...The Bird was for Her. (btw) I buy nothing but Canada Dry products just to honor you) (ahem, GatorNashun, (sic))
    Harlequin...vote your conscience.

  7. creepy... just creepy

    i keep wondering where she goes to get her fangs ground down


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