Friday, November 20, 2009

Down the Road a Piece

Well I had to go to a continuing education class today.

Just up the road a piece.

Dealing with Flood Plain Management.

Very interesting if you dig that sort of jazz.

NoFuckin'BodyGivesa$hit until it hits the fan.

Well, (ahem) when the shit hits the fan I'll be sittin' on the can.

Let's see now how does it go??

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but NoBody wants to die.

Same thing when it comes to protecting your house from rising water and all.

Hey, but that is work. 'hit'll be there Monday.

After the class I was headed down the road a piece, tryin' to find a place to spend the money, I had allotted for lunch.


yeah Buddy,


hit the breaks,
in the town truck, careful, signal right turn, (damn I'm makin' a right turn)
Cool, there's a space straight ahead, yeah that's me.

go in, no problem (guy comes up to me and says the 'bar' or a 'table'.

Seemed Innocent enough, 'table'

Sos I'm sitting at the table for one in the WingHouse on a Friday Afternoon, 'bout 2 pm, the boys have been paid and cut loose for the weekend. The Girls are there to get the the money out of their pockets into the cash register.

Loaded Question!! Listen up!!


Have you ever have a chic in hot,

fucking hot


with tits up to here

brush her hair against your face

while callin' her 'manager'

and not(NOT) {NOT} [NOT] have anyone look at you,

let the fuck alone, in the eye??


Not even the fuckin' Manager, (Cool)

well the hot, hot,

hot HOT, pants kept delivering

wings and things, and

showing a nice butt cleavage and never,

Never looked my way. (cool)

I had a wonderful time,

what beauties, Lovelies,

Honeys, Trophies, and

not a farthing for this poor beggar.

After about 8 minutes it became embarrassing to all of us.

I walked out without anyone even looking my way,
let alone my eyes.

Felt like I was riding the short bus.
But they let me off, and i took this photo.

Drove down the road a piece and had and nice quiet meal in a Vietnamese Restaurant
named Mekong Restaurant.





US 19 just north of 54th St exit off I 275 west.

How 'bout some music???

Down the Road Apiece.

If you wanna hear some Boogie, then I know the place

It's just an old piano and a knocked out bass

The drummer man's a guy they call eight beat Mac

You remember Doc and old Beat Me Daddy Slack

Mammy's sellin' chicken fried in bacon grease

Well come along with me boys it's just down the road a piece.

Now there's a place you really get your kicks

It's open every night about twelve to six

If you wanna hear some boogie then you'll get your fill

Puts the eight beat to you like an old steam mill

Come along with me boys 'fore they lose their lease

It's just down the road, down the road a piece.


  1. Yeah man...I'll put the old lady in short shorts and use my hands to move her tits up to there and be appreciated for it. If you had that "I need to get laid and I have money look" or started off at the bar ordering a double shot of something the young honeys would have been flocking around the pigeon looking to eat some wings.

    Tits and beer are a young fools game. better off in the Mekong.

  2. Maybe the place was closed, like, CAN'T YOU READ?? On the other hand, the Mekong is never closed.

  3. Good move bro...

    they would have taken your dough

    and you would have still been with

    you and you.

    I know the Mekong's run by a guy named Charlie. He deserves his success...and Charlie KNOWS how to boogie...with or without A K Hol.

  4. I really liked how you wrote this.... I actually felt like I was accompanying you on this little jaunt... good choice on lunch, BTW.

  5. Walkin' Man...thanks for the advice. I try to carry the 'I have money and don't need to get laid' look. Damn near makes one invisable. I'll work on the counterpoint.
    Mr. Chuck... guess you are correct about the closed part, only it was the legs and delivery service.
    JadedJ...Charlie earned his place in history. One day at a time.
    Harlequin...thank you. You make me feel better about myself. (chuckle) (Even on the short bus.))


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