Sunday, November 8, 2009

Photo of the Moment

This is Marguerite dancing at the Siesta Key Drum Circle, November 1, 2009.

All Saints Day, the day after All Hallows day, and before All Souls day.

El Dia de la Muertos

Awards for the Deserving Saints Known and Unknown:

First, the prize Mahna Mahna

The Winners are:
Walking Man
Post Raphelite Sisterhood
The Quite Life (how did she get on the list?)
The Peach Tart
Oh Yeah!! Mr. South Carolina or something like that there.

Enjoy Sunday Morning.
You Cats keep me going.

Yo MeanDonna I was going to put the word thingy and the wait for confirmation on this post, but it is Sunday and all.
You people (i love that separation) make me laft, laugh, chuckle, guffaw.
Walking Man makes me realize I don't know shit,
IntelliWench says other wise.
PENolan is with Walkin'Man.
Harlequin has ridden on the bus and knows who to keep away from whom.
The Peach Tart just takes it all in for later use.
Mr. Charleston says I was just looking for a place to kick back for a while.
JadedWhatsit says HUH???
The Quite Life says How did i get on the list?

love and light and long may you all live.


  1. Thank you for the recognition, Punch. I want to give you an award for prompting me to listen to Tom Waits yesterday - in fact, you deserve a Grammy of some kind for the tunes you dig up to post here.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. think therefore you are.
    You are well with in the purview of the list.

    Intelli...your words made my heart glad

    Mahna Mahna

  3. On the award thingy... screw you!
    On the photo... BRAVO!

  4. Since it IS Sunday, then bless you my dearest Punch....for leavin' out the word-thingy-thing.

    As far as the recognition, I bow down to ya....even tho we know I ain't all that crazy on "awards". But to me, yer THE award of ALL awards. Yer TOPS. THE BEST. Shall I continue?

    Now, who IS that cool purple beatnik with the red hair green shirt 'n shades? I'm-a lovin' that beatnik beat!

  5. With C (for once...ONLY once), photo...5 stars.
    The award thing...huh?

  6. Incidentially, my wife who is a die-hard Muppet fan, heard me watching the video. I have now had to replay it 5 times. Thanks pal.

  7. Mr. Chareston...that screw you part is the fucking reason you got the fucking prix. (apoligies to the kind ones)
    Marguerite is a lovely Dancer and I am not a bad photographer.
    MeanDonnaJ...Thank you so very much. When the commentee was voting for your award I was so worried about 77 bikers with and/or without chicks parked in my yard, yellin' 'bout the award for Donna Mean, revin' up the twins and all or Otherwise, and my heart fuckin' sank. Bless you my child, God is good and you are kind. (I won't say that to the bikers in my yard.)
    JadedJ...for once and perhaps only once you figured out how to count to five. (happy face and gold star to you, as well as the Mahna Mahna award)
    JadedJ...You wife get a free trip away from you for 5 days, if you can count to five, yet one more time.
    Oh by the way...MeanDonnaJ, the cool beatnik with the shades, is a cousin of mine, lives in Nabraska. Rides Bikes, Can't count to five.

  8. Punch thanks for this award and I'm humbled by the company of some of my other favorite bloggers.

  9. Counting to five is quite easy actually, I only have to remember your attained level of two. Another method is calling your parole officer and finding out how many years you served out of the original 12 year sentence...the second stretch, that is. And then there is the teeth thing...the time of day when your DTs kick in...the number of paternity suits against 1999 (quite a trick for an old geezer)...the number of letters in each of your names, Punch Drunk...and then in a pinch, counting the number of times you voted for George W. Bush...both times.

  10. Ok, Uncle, you win, but keep the P.O. stuff of the net. I use to could slip her for about a week, but since that Rat Bastard, Charleston drop a dime, I have to say in town.
    That paternity thing was all a scam, turns out David Letterman was behind it all.
    Actually Pinch is a rather good scotch for a blend.
    3 is the number of years i spend in the 5th grade.

  11. Peach Tart... you are quite welcome, you deserve it. Good luck in the new position.

  12. I used to know shit, slept shit, gave shit and shit, shit. Now all I know is most shit stinks.

    But thank you for this shitty award, which is some of the shit that doesn't stink. Probably because it is good shit.

  13. w m---do you really give a shit?

  14. what a nice gesture...thanks; I also cannot go a week without checking in here... your irreverence is so keen and refreshing...

    btw---was the dancer spinning fire? or was there another prop making that gorgeous light shape?

  15. Walking Man...thank you.
    JadedJ...and another thing,
    (you just could not leave it thefuckalone)
    That first stretch?? well I was framed!! and I did the time. That second ride was another frame job, Hell, by then they were experts. Oh you will love this part!!, after 5 years my best ol' best ex-friend Ray called to say
    'isn't that's the way it goes? well let's forget all about that, I've over come the blow, you can keep the dime.
    Well the fuckin' judge went batshit (see walkingM) and cut me loose.
    Well she (not the judge) always said I was loose, well i was, but not like that. (but i digress)
    Teeth, yeah well after Violet said I had to have all my teeth replaced or she was gone, damn another hoop, well, if you could see me now. (mutherfurrer)(oh by the way, just guess where she is now?)
    The DT's is a goddamn kick ass band that don't start playing 'till 7pm. (Single Malt only)
    And, and I have never recieved a letter addressed to PunchDrunk. (I'm a stamp collector, Jack, if it shows up I want it hand canceled)
    I have never voted for a Jack named George!!! but if George Jones ran for prez, well I would have to give it a thought.

  16. Whoa. I did leave it, maybe not the fuck, but left.

    Because I am concerned about you bro, I am going to reveal to the others who for some strange reason, come over here, that none of these things are true. I made them up. You have all of your teeth, which you keep in a glass at night. You have not served one day of time, you can't even tell time. You er a colledge gratyouate...with a masters thingy from Parnell Robets U. The paternity suits were against your cat, midnight, ink, or whatever the hell his name is. Those illusions are not really the DTs, they are very real insects. And finally, your real name is Charleston.

    Are we square pal?

  17. Harleguin...thank you for checkin' in and leaving comments.
    Yours are the eyes i look to
    for relief on a bus like this.
    The writing above is inspired by one of your post,
    about riding the bus,and
    keeping everyone calm. Also
    Ken Kesey and
    the Merry Pranksters.

    Creative writing is a bitch
    and then she smiles,
    and throws you off
    the bus at speed.
    I would write a Triolet,
    but I want to post this week.
    thanks again.

  18. Harlequin...the dancer is spining leds' (toys for chrildren).
    Risk management say "WHAT???WHAT??? SHE'S SPINING FIRE!!!!! FIRE!!!!???? BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID.
    but on a clear day you can see her and her friends dancing in the moon light.

  19. I'll be damned.
    I followed a link on my statcounter to see what was up and low and behold, I'm on The List underneath one of my all time favorite songs.

    Shucks, Punch, I may have to start paying attention to you again.

  20. PEn...contrary to popular beliefs you will not be damned for reading this blog.
    Several of the Damned do read this blog, so watch your back.
    Thanks for the comment. You do deserve the award.
    Mahna Mahna.

  21. Punch according to my clock here on the plain should be on your way to work down there in the swamps. Called in well today did you?

  22. JadedJ...I left 6 minutes later. Got it down to a fine tuned run. If i hit all the lights green I get there early. (by 3 minutes plus) If I catch the reds I get there late (by 3 minutes minus) In the rain, I smoke, get there 5 minutes early. (it rained today) The chicken littles wait for the sun.
    later gotta go meet Jenson Button for supper.


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