Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Orleans 2011 - French Quarter Music Festival (FQF) - Part One

The Big Eazy

French Quarter Music Festival 2011
(more photos to follow)

This is on the corner of Rue Bourbon and Rue St. Ann.

Marie LaVeau - High Priestess
September 10, 1794 – June 16, 1881
Was the famous voodoo priestess from New Orleans, who lived near what’s now, called the French Quarter.
Marie LaVeau was a hairdresser, which in those days’ hair dressers and barbers did more than just cut hair. Hell, they stitched wounds, lanced boils, delivered babies, pulled teeth and most anything thing that a doctor would do today. But the Biggest thing was preparing potions. To cure or aid certain body functions such as willow bark for headaches. Or the aid in love, the venerable Love Potion #9.
One of her biggest mojos was she had so many kids, fertility was important as that made for more kids to share the work. She had 2 sets of 4 girls, 2 sets of 3 girls, 3 sets of twin girls for a total of 22 daughters.
The Hair Piece on a Marie LaVeau doll is very important.

This is for the inquiring mind of jadedj.


  1. Hey, an aside of sorts. I zoomed in on the first photo, twice. In the second I noted on the air conditioner in the window, the word Voodoo something where you would usually see the brand name. I can't make out the second word. Do you remember what it is?

    We want more, please.

  2. Mr. Charleston…Thanks for the encouragement.
    Andrew…Thank you, let’s see if I can keep it up.
    Jadedj…I went back and clipped just the a/c unit. I would suggest you might miss the point of a House of VooDoo. Or maybe the a/c is the most important part of a house of Voodoo. (BTW, I noticed it myself while there.)

  3. good stuff indeed; it's been a few years since i was in the bid easy... i am so jealous.

  4. Okie Dokie so what you're saying is keep all fertile women well away from this place?

  5. Harlequin…The Big Easy waits for you.
    walkin’ man…sho got that right. Let’s see now. 22 times 22 = 484, hang that could be the reason Voodoo is doing so well.


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