Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Orleans 2011 - FQF - Part Seven More Window Shopping

Windows in the French Quarter.


  1. Punch I never thought I would use the word "stunning" on one of your posts but these pieces are stunning, especially the glass figures.

  2. There seems to be a pattern here. Nymph on a tray? How about some of the shots you took inside the girly clubs!

    Great shots Punch, as usual.

  3. Intriguing is all I can say.

  4. Well we all know where Mr. C spends his time in Nawlins.

    Nice shots, bro.

  5. Mr. the walking man…thank you so kindly, that means a lot, a lot. Stunned is the word that comes to my mind. Your comment made my day.

    Mr. the charleSTON…you seem to have a pattern for flushing out the birds. For the record I did not enter the girly clubs. Two Reasons:
    Number One reason, too much money will leave my pockets too soon.
    Number Two reason, I would not spend money in a place in NOLA that would not allow photographs. I did not ask though. All this year I’m gonna save ½ of my lunch money and try to go in one next year. But they have to agree to let me photograph the girls. I don’t think that will happen. Oh sure I can save ½ my lunch money but the second part is doubtful.

    Andrew…that comments is well stated. I was intrigued also. I could feel, and on occasion see, the stares of the crowd. This year I just blew it off and made the photograph.

    Jaded…maybe I can get him to front the money and talk Nathan No Neck into letting me photograph the chiquititas on the inside.
    Yeah! That’s the ticket.

  6. just enough to enjoy it all.
    I am looking for underwriters.


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