Monday, April 18, 2011

New Orleans 2011 - FQF - Part Three Tuba Skinny Royal Street.

Tuba Skinny:
alls it takes is one listening to become a devotee. 

Tuba Skinny  Royal St   
French Quarter Music Festival     2011

Erica Lewis, her's is, the only name I know of.

She's the maestro

Glenn and Tommy would be proud.

Benny lives on or is it Pete or Arnie or Woody.  It sounded so good.

The Man Himself.

She reads music.

He digs music.

You just have to experience this Cat.

Tuba Skinny plays for the Police.

Tuba Skinny pulls Ferraris, Prancing, out of their stalls.

This is a video on YouTube that is quite good.


  1. The video was much cooler than the pictures and if gas ever comes down below $900 a gallon I may have to make another more extended trip to NO, but not between June and October.

  2. Great the video...and, others notwithstanding, love the photos as well.

    Did you buy the new CD?

  3. the walkin’ man…It is well worth the drive. That is good advice about Hurricane season.
    Tuba Skinny is not photogenic. Last year the clothes were cleaner. Music is still good. I have concluded the grunge factor is their shtick.

    Mr. C…thanks. the combo is great and as fluid as a turnstile.

    Jadedj…the video was quite good. They were inside and properly miked. Might even have had a mixer. The visuals are essential French Quarter on Rue Royal.

  4. Enjoyed this series, Punch. (Hey walking man, you drive down to TN and I'll drive the rest of the way!)

  5. Intelli…thanks a bunch. I’m not done yet.

    Jadedj…just realized I did not answer the question. Ahem. No.

  6. Nice shots, Punch. I can never stay still long enough to do justice to street scenes.


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