Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Orleans 2011 - FQF - Part Five - Full Disclosure

Well, let's see now, who was it that said: "what goes up must come down"?

Got Beads?

Actually, to be fair and balanced, this guy was sleeping, sitting on a bucket when I walked up.  I was standing, waiting on the sun to get from behind clouds so's the photo of the scantily clad mannequins would sparkle, and noticed this guy on his throne, so to speak.  I thought of a photo but said, 'Nah, they need to be laying on the sidewalk'.
 God chuckled and tipped him over,
Here's my shot.

This dog is in tall cotton, got a grate from an exhaust vent to sleep over.  Hot Damn. 
Let's see now how did it go? 
A pair of loose fitting shoes and a warm place to ? a warm place to ??
ahh i forget.

I spoke with her, (she was on her bluetooth and i interrupted, ahh sorry)
She does this hose job every morning and they mess it up that very night.  She uses hose pressure to clean out the joints of the brick sidewalk.  Gave me the willies.  don't think I would sleep on that.
(never mind, this stream of consciousness thing, sucks)

Yes Sir, Yes Sir three bags full. (you sho 'bout dat? boy?")

They struck me as Five Guys named Mo.
Which one do you think they call Little Big Moe.


  1. I sense a great idea for a new Travel Channel show - "Around the Town, Looking Down, with Punch." There would be no scenes shot higher than 3-feet off the ground.

    Actually I do appreciate your view of the city, even if the Chamber of Commerce might not!

  2. Doesn't seem all that different than photos of the Libyan aftermath. Bodies litter the street as life goes on around them. I think Intelli is on to something. A Dog's Eye View.

  3. I love it when it just happens. Without looking, there it is, and you see it. Good ones, pal.

  4. Ewww, just the thought of the mixture of all the opposin' smells emanating at sunrise from that lil' corner of the globe is makin' me nauseous.

    I think I'll stay right HERE in the good ol' Bowels thank you very much. It may not be Heaven, but at least it don't carry a stench.

    Wellll, except for the cat piss waftin' up into my windows. But I can shoot THEM :-)


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