Friday, April 22, 2011

New Orleans 2011 -FQF - Part Four Tuba Skinny On Stage.

Pure Serendipity

I was looking for vids of Tuba Skinny and came across this gem.
This video was made at the same time I was photographing the group.
Chance gave it to me.
Tuba Skinny!
the next day. 
They were on.
The Stage grooved
The dancers Swung.
I took photographs.

(that is my hat in the lower right hand corner for the
 first 24 seconds)

These Cats are Cool.

The vocals Erica.

I added a clip at the end of this Master.

He is there and here at the same time.

Brushes on the washboard, well of course.

Itchi Ribs Robinson.


  1. Anonymous is the refuge of a coward.

    Hey man, this is good shit...I am loving it. I will be back in the morning with coffee and my two cents.

  2. Love it!
    My brother-in-law was a street musician in N.O. back in the early '80s - played banjo and washboard.

  3. Love that swing music. How could you at least no be toe tapping to that sound?

  4. Good times. I like most street music, but I love this!

  5. Mr. Charleston…you would have enjoyed it greatly. What with your musical background.

    Jadedj…anonymous gets the bums rush ‘round here.
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Now get your ass back here with that coffee and at least 3 cents.

    Intelli…N.O. is steeped in musicians and they all, well most, can play and sing.

    The walking man…you should have heard the coronet player tapping out the beat, the entire stage pulsed.

    Doug…They were great times. There is something about good street music that rises above the norm.

  6. Back with the, merlot now.

    Hey some nice dance moves going on out front as well. Really nice. Made me want to get up off my old butt and jig.

    Did you move over to the other side and photograph HER...Erica (who incidentally, I am sure I have known in another time...or, old dude wish). I think I saw you over there toward the end of the song.

    I have never regretted visiting N O, because this is the sort of fine music one constantly runs into, on street corners.

    BTW, love the serendipity of you finding the video with yourself in it on YouTube. Love it!

  7. Harlequin...chuckle, keeps the sun off my head and out of my eyes. Working with these photos made me stop and look at the musicians closely.


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