Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Orleans 2011 - FQF April 7-10 - Part Two

A little window shopping on Bourbon St.

Hi Sailor! Wanna have some fun this morning?

See, these Guys think that T-shirt is a joke.  Well, you see, they got it right.
Look at the Sh*t they shill on Rue Bourbon. ca. 2011
(this is for the walking man)

"I'm a shit shiller
I shill shit
I'm the best shit shiller
that ever shilled shit.

Hey Momma! 
You Honeys are the Cat's meow!
uhhhaaaa, which way is the door?

Even Lord Ganesha cannot resist the temptation.

To the readers who look at the background, that does spell Voodoo.

This is the CVS Pharmacy. Window 1

CVS Window 2

CVS Window 3
How 'bout a beer?


  1. Tell me what can a poor boy do
    Except to sing for a rock n roll band
    Cause in sleepy Nawleans town
    There's just no place for a street fighting man

  2. Even though I was improperly chastised for my last comment, which was actually not a comment but a question, on this here blog, I am going to do it again.

    1 - in close-up do I see a reflection of punch at 272? Kinda cool.

    2 - Every tee except the one about smelly fish, which I understand is Mr. C's favorite.

    3 - Please tell me the male mannequin on the left does not have a wadded up sock in a critical place. I assume the sock is not included (and don't tell me just for customers like me).

    4 - Horror vacui horror vacui horror vacui horror vacui horror vacui horror vacui horror vacui horror vacui horror vacui horror vacui.

    5 - Couldn't get a close-up. Don't know if it says Voodoo or not...or maybe that's the Voodoo of it.

    6 - Looks just like my local CVS, except there are no red tees with a big ass N on them.

  3. Interesting. Verrrrrrrrrry interestin'. Looks like MY kinda place, that's for damn sure :-)

  4. Leave it to JJ to scrutinize men's underwear crotches. Looks like the Indians have turned the trick on us and we're buying wampum and beads.

  5. hmmm.... there seems to be a theme emerging... oh, wait, that's a sock!!
    seriously, i'm still jealous ( and sorry about the bid easy typo... but you knew what i meant!! )

  6. Mr. Charleston…not a whole lotta fightin’ goin’ on. Lot of love in.

    Number 0ero thing: I did not chastise you, I answered your question. That is different.
    Number 1ne thing: good eye.
    Number 2wo thing: if it swells, ride it.
    Number 3hree thing: Ok, “the male mannequin on the left does not have a waded up sock in a critical place.”
    Number 4our thing: Nothing like a white room, with black curtains.
    Number 5ive thing: That Voodoo that you do so well.
    Number 6ix thing: CVS – cluttered visual sh*t.

    Mean Donna…great to hear from you glad you are back. I enjoy your site much. NOLA aches for the like of you. Ya’ll come back now. Ya hear?

    Mr. Chuck…It was difficult to miss. The broads don’t even have to buy the beads; just a quick flash and the bead are in the air, headed their way.

    Harlequin…the emerging comment is very close to the mark. Lovers on the street too caught in each other and the wine, to not stop and make out. I did not see one drink spilled while making out. Cool. It was the staggering loner that spilled drinks. (Spelling errors do not count if a reader cannot anticipate intent they need to get off this site. I enjoy your comments) I feel good that you approve of my days off.


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