Tuesday, March 29, 2011

St. Petersburg G.P. 2011

The photographic musings of a photographer at the motor races in
St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Layout.

Race Schedule 2011.

LED screens of God knows what. But I liked the reflection.

Little cabin in the woods.

New Architecture.

They all have their own rides.

Marco Andretti, out in the first turn of the race.

Lotus is back.

Danica was there.

The reigning champions use Huggies.

Yippy Ki Yi  Ya!  Good Buddy.


  1. Now that Lotus I would like to drive, it's one of the few fast production cars I never got a turn behind.

  2. The cowgirls' F-duct is something to behold, I'm told. Supposedly faster in the straights and more stable in the corners without sacrificing performance. Did you get any close-ups or did they keep them under wraps?

  3. Lotus and Danica are two dynamite photos, bro.

  4. looks like you are having a good time and enjoying many degrees and kinds of views.
    good on ya.

  5. Walkin’ man…I have always liked the Lotus, it holds a place of respect for me.
    Mr. Charleston…you can look, but you better not touch.
    Jadedj…thanks, some things just come together, in a certain moment.
    Harlequin…yes I did. It was rejuvenating.

  6. Intelli….
    VrrarrrroooooommmMMmm Whooooaaaaooooohhhhhhaaa whoooowo owlllll yoooouullll rapppparappp


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