Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Fresh Hell - Blame JadedJ

First let me say that the Blogg what'sit is acting weird.

Sos I’m posting comments to the last old post on this next new post.

Post Haste.
To Witt:

Mr. Charleston…glad you agree.

Jadedj…go ahead make my day.  I had to fight the feeling also.

The walking man…Jon Stewart is kicking ass with it also.

Jaded J…offers the following for you viewing pleasure.

J my Man…I applauded your restraint.

Can't post the photo from JJ.

 Nothing is wrong, but something ain't right.



  1. where is the goddamn photo, pal? I sold my sole and my shoes and missed the fucking upward thingy and you can't even post one lousy photoshopped photo? WTF?

  2. Now this is a novel friggin idea if ever there was one. Screw the post, just publish a bunch of comments. In fact, if one were clever you could just make up you own comments, like: Wow! This is the best blog ever!

    Or, If one is really clever, publish a greatest hits of actual comments over the years.

    Whatever. But I concur, there's no doubt it's JJ's fault, whatever it is he's at fault for.

  3. Wait a ferking minute. This is the post before the last post which is blaming me for this post or lack of or what? I get blamed twofuckingtimes?


  4. This is the post "before" the "last" post and some blabber about a ;) picture? Methinks the fruit of the vine is at the bottom of this.

  5. Before, after...that is my point. Blogger does not like you C, and P. Blogger does like me and wm. We have no problems posting before and after...with photos, or not.


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