Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jacksonville Skyline Rag. May 1, 2011

Here's the deal.

I know it is too wide!

Can you see the whole thing if you click.

I will not do this again.


Burma Shave


  1. yes, you can see the whole thing if you click. Also, when in the editor, for one this size select Large instead of Original and it will fit the blog template and still blow up to full screen when clicked.

    Spending the day with a wide-angle lens ain't bad at all. :)

  2. Oh my God that is to DIE for!

    Wen'r we goin'??? ;-)

  3. Cool! Was this a single shot or a merge? I have done some of those and can never get the sky right.

  4. Mr. Charleston…thanks for the tips. I’ll post another using your advice.
    I love the wide angle view. Always have.

    MeanDonnaJ…Jacksonville Florida. A town that is a great place to visit, my home town.

    Doug…Bingo, you hit the nail. It is a 5 shot merge done with an 11mm wide angle.
    Photoshop CS3 was used. The latest CS5 is even better. It is amazing where technology has taken us.

  5. 11mm? Wish I had me one of those although I don't do a lot of landscapes or interiors. I like to get up close, but sometimes you just need to fit a bit more in a shot.

  6. Doug, it is a great lens. I like the long shots you do. I have been looking at them for a while and even rip you off on occasion. Using a long lens changes the way I see. That is healthy for me. But Wide is so very tempting. back in the day I liked the Hasselblad Super Wide. Now the software can replace it for a fraction of the cost.

  7. lovely! thanks for the long view... of what i'm missing!


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