Thursday, May 5, 2011

St. Augestine, Florida Gamble Rodgers Folk Festival 2011 part 2

A pal of mine suggested I take a photo and a video of a topic.  Well here are the results.


  1. Down with the flu...make allowances for the fever, Cleaver.

    First let me get this out of the way before Mr. C asks it: Where are the pole dancers? And I don't mean the ones from Warsau.

    Nextly, and most importantly, should you not point out that that there still photo was made with the same camera that made the video (a kick ass camera, I might add...and will)?

    Take two aspriin and call me manana (manana because this is the firth de Mayo, and I go with the el flowo).

    My apologies to Gamble. I know when to fold them.

  2. jadedj... gamble loves rapscallions such as yourself.
    Well in this case the pole dancers are in Nola
    you did well to fold.

  3. looks like a good gig. thanks for sharing.
    btw, i 'm glad he folded, too.

  4. Mighty fine. Mighty fine. The video holds up in full-screen too. Sounds like JJ's been hitting the NyQuil. Dreaming of Polish dancers or your whirling girl on the beach.


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