Thursday, August 26, 2010

What? A Fresh Thought? Hell it is time!

Watching this woman speak last evening gave me a feeling of hope for America.

She is the real deal.


  1. Actually a very well reasoned well presented argument for a centrist position concerning the project.

  2. EtheR… more and more I have to search for hope. When I was young I was told “hope springs eternal”. Now the spring seems to be drying up.

    Mr. C…It would be interesting to know where Janis would stand on this brouhaha. Perhaps?

    S-sitting down by my window,
    Oh, looking at the rain.
    S-sitting down by my window now now,
    All around I felt it,
    All I could see was the rain.
    Something grabbed a hold of me, honey,
    felt to me honey like, lord, a ball and chain.
    Yeah! Hey! You know what I mean,
    but its way too heavy for you,
    you can’t hold it tomorrow.

    The Walking Man…yes, an unwearied centrist view. I find it refreshing as clear, cool water.


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