Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Fresh Hell? Rope Dancing

On my last post a reader, Mona, offered a comment regarding Rope Dancing in India. I offered I would try to find an example. I was then corrected for my misspelling and had to make up for such an oversight.
Well I have found a video that has rope dancing in it, as a value added I believe I might have found a video that approaches the one Mr. Charleston has been whining about.

Mona, I'm not sure this is even close to the dancing, you mentioned in passing.
I would remind you that laughter is good for the soul. (again)

My readers are a tough bunch of creative critics.
Or is it a creative bunch of tough critics.
Maybe just a critical bunch of creative toughs.


  1. Uh huh. I don't really care about spelling stuff, or bunches of toughs and thugs, or critical nasties...or, Charleston miscreants, and poles and walruses and such. Or even ropes. I think I am in luvvvvvvve.

    Yep...I am.

    Damn, know how to make an old man cry.

    I wonder if that is synthetic or natural hemp?

  2. I think JadedJ's masochistic desires have just been exposed.

  3. Hot Damn! That's more like it. Have you got one with a fox stole?

  4. nicely done!! wow.
    now that's art.

    and the comments are funny...

  5. JadedJ...Walruses? I am the Walrus, coo coo ca Joo. Old men need to cry once in a while, good for the soul.
    Walkin' Man...JJ did sorta hang it all out there for a second.
    Mr. C...some folks are just never satisfied.
    Harlequin...Yes mam that is fine art. The comments are fine also.


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