Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Fresh Hell - Glenn Beck

Lewis Black is a man that is able to make us laugh at the absurd in life.


  1. Too much information. Too friggin much information. Maybe this freedom of speech thing ain't all it's cracked up to be. Some people just oughta be shut up, beginning with Glen Fucking Beck!

  2. My man! Yes indeed. Put Beck's ass in a attic, and lock the door.

    I miss George Carlin, but Lewis Black is a damned good replacement.

  3. Mr. C...there is information and there is Glenn Beck.
    jadedj...there will only be one George Carlin. Lewis Black takes a bit of the loss away.

  4. I didn't know who Glenn Beck was until one of my students became his disciple and began warning me that I was vulnerable to leftist propogandaists and I needed to protect myself. He also wanted me to go with him to D.C. because Glenn Beck was having a rally to save the country, featuring Sarah Palin. That was all I needed to know.

  5. My mother returned from her summer up North with a Glenn Beck book, which has been given a place of pride on the coffee table. I can't go in that room without feeling nauseous...

    But I heart Lewis Black - he'll be performing on our campus next month!

  6. EofR...good to see you back. Students in my day formed the 'Student Nonviolent Coordinating Commitee' SNCC (snic). Now they attend the on-line Univ. of Hate with Glenn Beck as headmaster. How snick is that. If Glenn and Sarah got together and had an offspring what would it...I don't even want to complete this thought. is always sad to have one of the family be so distant from one's own political thought. I was talking with my sister about creationism (I know where she stands on politics) and when she said she was a creationist all I could do was stare. Really. I can't attach my sister.
    Lewis Black is a rare talent. I would enjoy seeing him live. My only worry is one day he will cluch his heart in the middle of one of those rants and be gone from us. He drives the nail head well below the surface. We need more like him, in my opinion.
    Thanks for understanding my rant over at jajedj's. If you stand next to the heat long enough, you get use to it.

  7. Excellent
    Thanks for perking up my evening


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