Sunday, April 10, 2016

What Fresh Hell? 4/10/16

I believe it was Mr. Twain who told us "Writers should write, don't worry about the order of things." or something like that.
 Not to sure that is a good idea.  but here goes.

Not many people remember Arthur Godfrey. I barely do.
So anyway, he would open up the show by walking on stage and saying Hawaii, hawaii, hawaii with this ukulele under his arm.
Some adult had to tell me he was saying, 'How are you.'
What a dweeb.  That word did not even exist back in the 50's.
(1980s: perhaps a blend of dwarf and early-20th-century feeb ‘a feebleminded person’ (from feeble).

Well this breeb is back.
(2015: perhaps a blend of  brillent, and early-20th-century feeb 'a feebleminded person)' (from feeble).

So where are we.  

 “Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.” Twain.

What else?
Here’s a photograph I made in Mexico City, late 2015.
I am about to spill the beans here, so listen up.
‘did not realize it at the time. Yet right here.
Shown here, in this actual photograph, is a prototype bridge capable of clear spanning an 8' spiked Wall.
The DOnalD is damned right, “that F&%$#*G wall”  Damn Guy’s right, ‘hit needs to be at least 13' from ground up to the top of concertina wire.
Be afraid!
Thought about putting it up to the facebook, but got ascaret .


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