Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday 4-20-16

Orangedale, Fl. Baptist Chruch.  2016


  1. The brethern and sistern appear to have a great deal of oil leakage.

  2. Yeah yet the wise virgin hath oil for her lamp.

  3. See now that you all have an oily theme going on I will state that here it's reverse, the church is 100 times the size of the parking lot. that puny place looks like the preacher hasn't heard he is supposed to be shearing the flock and the flock all feel better and closer to god in a huge glass ornate building that they have to park a half mile away from.

    1. Snake Oil that, is the ooze, of which you speak.
      Babbling through vacuous urban spaces
      Spewing a message of prosperity, love, light and more money.
      I have an aversion to them, I really get worried photographing them. Some hotshot not liking the way I’m looking at his church, what being in the south and all, ya know history and like that.
      Still you are correct, I need to add some to my collection of Christian architecture from the early 21 century American South. Hell of a title for the one man show down at the Terminal Tavern out on SR 13. Here all weekend. Fri, Sat, Happy Hour 5 pm till closing. Sun. - Noon till 9 pm.


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