Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Fresh Hell, Sam Kinison

I know it is dated and all that, but...
He still cracks me up.

I suppose I am still a disciple of Sam Kinison.


  1. You're a disciple of Sam Kinison? What does that make Carrot Top?

  2. Equivalent to Jude (Thaddeus (son of James))

  3. What the fresh hell is with you and DM, bro? I think he/she/it wants to spend eternity with you.

  4. Phaallleessszze don't feed the crabs.

    I think it is a dose of the clap that came from Tijuana.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    OH BTW,
    (ahem) PenO, JJ
    I would suggest a donation to the nearest VD clinic might be good, ya know, about now.
    They have a great privacy program, these days.
    (ahem) or so I have been told.

  5. The crabs are covered in oil. The speaker of clap is as crude as the oil.

    I am totally in the dark as to the mysterious referral to PenO (sic) and myself. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

  6. JadedJ...well it is a loose and badly constructed reference to the VD clinics back in the day. You know what you had an 'Itch' you know 'down below'. Did not mean to lose you in the reference.

    I think this guy is some kind of hack that if you (one visits) anything but theist this guy show up. don't know if he is real or not, but most likely just an anoyance. that is why I ignor him/she/it.

  7. I deleted the creep. enough is enough.

  8. Good choice. Never visit these intrusive, shithead commenter's sites. Trash their butts.

    BTW, I have no itch...I have a bitch...and some pitch...and a stitch...none of which requires a shot, methinks.

  9. Hello!
    Jaded is MARRIED
    I don't mess around with married men.
    It's one of the reasons I ditched that damn preacher. He says his divorce papers were filed last week - one month after he thought he'd sachet into my living room. As if that would make up for the fact that he kisses like a chicken.

    And that's as tacky as I'll ever get about him on the internet. I'm pretty sure he doesn't wander over here so I feel safe to be tacky.

    If you can't be tacky over here, you can't be tacky anywhere.

  10. PS
    I didn't mean to get started on any of this foolishness since I wasn't aware of any foolishness until I got here.

    I meant to tell you a secret:
    This is my brother's website. He's the one who is helping arrange the NPPA event in New Orleans re: Katrina.

  11. PENo...boat trash and tacky welcome.
    Hateful rants not welcome.
    Thanks for the link.
    Please all take a look.

  12. Punch, testing this regards your email.

  13. Sam Kenison is a close personal friend of mine.

  14. Ohhhh ok WAS
    a close.....blah blah


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