Monday, June 7, 2010

What Fresh Hell, Buddy Holly ca. 1957

Today is 6/7/10

Don't even waste time on how I got here.


jUSt think it over.

Is he wearing a rug???

Damn! Nation! all these years.


Shoot Fire!?


  1. That was totally NOT a rug.
    If he had hair pieces, somebody would have sold them on eBay by now.
    Unless that's you hoarding Buddy Holly's hairpieces, Punch.

  2. One of them damned rugheads. I knew it. Ship his ass back to where ever they are. Oh...PE, wasn't he from Texas? Ship his terrorist ass back to Texas.

    Also, PE...take it from me and Mr. C, Puncharoono ain't wearing no damn rug. Think, shinola.

    What the hell are all you people doing up at 6 in the morning and jabbering over here. Do you not have a life?


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