Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is the Hell Intellisomethingorother Told you about.

This woman is a person that I think I like.

Might even want to have dinner with her, well if we could just get beyond the parking. Oh yeah, I'll cop to 20 bucks for the valet parking. Cool. Lets just hope she's not a vegan or how ever the hell you spell it. Ok, So then I order wine, turns out she in rehab, oh dear, ok, lets have a nice glass of tea, oh dear, she is not in rehab, but should be. I'm a dead man walking. It's not wine she likes after all, nope it's 18 year old Scotch. Neat. Water back. Ok, ok, $77.00 later she is ordering din din. I'm trying to remember how much cash I have and what the credit card has left to spend and if I use the debit card just how deep into saving she is going to push my face. Oh thank god! She is not a vegan, or virgin for that matter, she wants the grain fed, beef, aged for months and cooked to perfection, just until the juicy action begins, not that kind. Two fingers thick, one finger less than the Scotch, but as big around as her tit, either one but thank god not both. Turns out she really likes blood. I have to take a time here to say: Watching her chew on the piece of red meat was a truly erotic moment! Damn Woman! Break my Heart! (then this little friend I keep in the very back of my mind, woke up and said hey. Hey.Bro!! HEY!!!! What the hell are you thinking!!!! Have you ever heard of a PREYing MANtus!!! dumb ass. Oh yeah, that's right you thought it was a PRAYing mantus, 'cause of the hands and looking like a priest and (SEEE looking like a PRIEST and )all.

Dumb ASs.

Well anyway, the dinner that did not happen, (like a nice dream) ended with her going off to bang the waitperson. Thank you Jesus. I flipped the valet another $20 bucks to drive my car around the block and pick me up out of sight of my newest old best friend.
That Valet had curves and tits that make one's mouth water. Anyway, I got in the car and by the time she got out I was light another $100 bucks (US)

On a lighter note: This broad seems to be a spiritual sister of JadedJ.

(As I stated earlier, I'm a dead man walkin'


  1. Can't wait to hear about your date at the drive-in movie . . .

    Hey, you need to be a little more creative with your post titles, Punch. When I read "What Fresh Hell" I don't know if it's really fresh hell, or hell I already read about. Just sayin'

  2. So it's safe to say that Intelliwench is giving you fresh hell for using fresh hell? JadedJ would work out just fine here in the big (well not so big anymore) city. Hope he brings his own date though.

  3. I am going to have my second cup of coffee...take my youngest to school...and then have a word of fresh hell here...on several levels.

  4. Well there's nothing like an old fool with an old tool, messing with a jewel. Thank you Jesus all right...Jesus was the wait"person's" name, most likely.

    And...don't be messin' wid my sista, bro. I could have told them that.

    I do see that you HAVE learned the lesson of, don't be messin' wid intell, either.

    intell---it's just plain hell...hell to read, that's all.

    walking man, my family has a thing about stolen parkin' spaces, and dogs, and shit.

  5. Number one thing...IntelliW you and W'ing Man are the enlightened ones on this post so far. (JJ leave it lie)
    Number 2wo thing, Intelli, I have thought about your thought full comment and I will work on How to improve on "What Fresh Hell". It is a concept I have been using for a while, beginning in about 1993 or so? (had a website that my nephew had to tell me was a blog) I was payin' a bunch of money and using 'frontpage' It is good to know how it reads to others. Thank you.
    Number 3hree thing, Walking Man, Good to see you, back on the trail. (ahem) Intelli, I would offer Walkin' M's words for you to ponder? As for JadedJ, I'll lay bets he's not wanting to visit Detroit, date or not. Hey I could be wrong.
    Number 4our thing, JadedJ, when I hear a paced, controlled and quiet, statment of purpose, such as you expressed. I get concerned. I have recently learned, to reach for a shovel.
    Number 5ive thing, this old fool liked the fine 24k gold bobbles on that bejeweled example of god's perfection towards the use of protoplasm, that chose to be rubbed all, lord, lord, Lord have mercy, over my fields of joy. (but I digress)
    Number 6ix thing, I believe you were kicking my ass, (ahem, what she did had 6 of those 7 letters, yas'em) Oh yeah, OH Yeah!! you kicking my ass!! Jesus Loves me, but he don't like you!!!@.
    Number 7even thing, Yo Sista, my, my, my lordy, laudy, hummmhuum have mercy, She did. My soul is better for having spent time up next to her. Hummmmmm.
    Number 8ight thing, see number 1ne thing.
    number 9ine thing, if you don't like stolen parking spaces, you really will not like a car being stolen from your parking space. Stay the Hell (fresh or not) away from Def*****gTroit. (just sayin'")

  6. Detroit...been there, as you know. Led there by...as you know...the same lady of which you speak. I have since reassessed that particular insanity, and am only offering you the benefit of my conclusions. So, bro, therein lies my angst for you.

    There is no doubt that had I know of walking man's existence and where exactly in detroit he was, I might have avoided this minus in my life upon hearing his good advice. And in addition to that, had I known of intell's existence and location, I might not have been in Detroit, or the environs of, for very long. Thank you very much.

    It all washes in the end. Are we clear on these things, pardner?

  7. What fresh hell...?

    (The expression *does* come in handy from time to time.)

  8. If there was ever proof positive that the little head rules the big head, this post and attendant comments from who-knows-you is IT!! Jesus, save yourself a lot of headache and hard cash and find yourself a professional.

  9. Mr. Chuck...good point. I'll take it under advice. But what about the cops and jesus trippers and all.
    Hey what about 'What Sushi Hell'?

  10. Would this have not been "What Fresh Meat Hell"?

  11. (intell notwithstanding...put a comma in there...been,...)

  12. How about... Fresh Hell Market, daily special

  13. Maybe Hell Market, What, fresh daily.
    This is the Hell, JadedIntelliW, warned you about.
    This is is the Jaded Hell, IntelliWhat got Fresh about.
    Oh, the hell with it.

  14. What? That's it? The hell you say.


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