Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WeekEnd with Mr. Charleston

Damn What Was I Thinkin'.
Weekend with Mr. Charlestion?
Open Wheel Racin'
Fine Food.
Time off from Work. (two (2 days)) Boy Howdy, Yeah Buddy, Loud Cars, fast women, eXXpensive Booze, forget that top shelf, stuff. (you can't afford it, the Booze, pay attention, the broads are totally out of the price range.)
What the hell,? anything goes, it ain't over 'till it's over.
Yeah! Mama, we'll be home, but don't leave the light on.

Rain!!!! What?? This is my parade, but I'm ahead of my self.

Some Photos

Titles under the photos:

Solomon's Castle
A unique statement by a native genius.
This is a hand built structure, been goin' on for 'bout 40 somethin' years.
Those are aluminum sheets from the local newspaper's offset press, that cover the outside of the buildings.
All of the windows are leaded glass, by Solomon and Co.

Solomon's Castle (view 2)
That is a mural on the side wall. (you'll see a close up later)
Let me try to lead you through the flood plain and keep in mind this cat bought this from a realtor in south Florida, before it was against the law to sell swamp land to Yankees.
Well, if you look, very closely, there is a blue line on the side wall, that is the highest level of recorded flooding, up until that time. The line has now been raised.

Leaded Glass windows (Solomon's Castle)
The glass work in this museum is excellent.

A land locked replication of the Santa Maria. You can dine on board.
You see that boarding ramp, just to the left, with the rope hand rails???. One can Canoe over that ramp down through the restaurant during the rainy season. Food is good. By the Way, it is the only food for about 30 miles. Relax, eat, have a beer, kick back.

From the interior of the 'Santa Maria'. This guy will not be servin' you.
This is a one of a kind eatin' experience. Take your time.

This is the mural I wrote about earlier. You see the water line in this image. Ya know the waves and such?. Move that line to just over the hood of the monk that is prayin'. Come back in another 25 years and see where it has moved to.

The Water Goddess, (look close) or is it the realtor that sold, Solomon this Swamp Land.

(God I loved those days) Pre-FEMA and Flood knowledge and all like that there.
Solomon bought this here land in a FLOODPLAIN and did not know it for another 3 months.
Oh yeah, three months later the rains began. (God, I love Yankees)

A much needed Item in a FLOODPLAIN.

For the record the Realtors now (by law) have to tell you that you can't build on this land,

See 'cause hit's a swamp.

But this is Gran Dad, and he is cool.

Please visit Solomon's Castle, Ona, Florida.

County Road 665, Hardee County, Florida.

Then head on up the road apiece, to Limestone.

Or is it Down the Road apiece?
I forget.

Next post.


  1. dude if I get to Florida I am going to Mr C's first because I know he only drinks from the top shelf and it would be good to be in the same frame of mind as the guy who built this castle.

  2. Yeah, and now they can't sell steep mountain lots to the Floridians who come up here to the Blue Ridge. The circle of life, eh?

  3. Let me get this straight, Roy. Your grand daddy was in the swamp selling bidness, and you're still a "po' boy"...eatin' Po-Boys...and drinking shine? Maybe those yankees got the better end of the deal. Just sayin'.

  4. the images are beautiful... especially all that wonderful glass. thanks for the insider's tour!

  5. are most welcome.

  6. Intelli....I missed a stich? (sp) damn stright, turn about is fair play. grand daddy did not talk to Yankees. Just to damn much work. Jesus F*****g Christ they just know (KNOW (IT (ALL)))
    it all.
    Damn Nation.

  7. oH BY THE way...I could be wrong.


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