Saturday, March 13, 2010

What fresh Hell?

Ok, I've got to get off the porch and run with the dogs,
big and little.
I have hit a dry spell in posting
if you have not noticed.
I must apologize for not being
more entertaining or amusing or thought provoking.
Hell I do that most every day. And get paid for it.
Well, by that I mean, if I can find a joke,
in a situation I go for it. To the point
of distraction, I'm afraid.
But not very.
As one goes through life and
progresses through the fluid stages, I
am finding that one's priorities can
alter along with the metabolism.
(See Clutter-Thunk! for a better understanding of the fluid stages of life. (
Well all that leads to this morning.
I am growing
to dislike
the dis-like of
most of the information provided
on news and such.
The fog rolling over the rants
of the BillRush Glenns
seem to swamp the landscape of rhetoric.
It is much easier to rant against
them, about the rant
they rant.
I can't grant, that slant
of their views
of news and
choose to
pant over a beautiful object,
even if i get chastised
for making her an object.
At lease I feel good about the cause
of the dis-light of my view
of the world.


  1. Wish I'd said that. Seriously, I agree (that is if I am understanding what you said). I am soggy from over saturation of bad tempered pundits and out right jerks, who hold sway over so many lemmings. If I didn't have children and a loving wife, I would consider a cave, sans media, in some warm part of the world...and tune it all out.

    Thought provoking has it's place, but sometimes we need to stop and look...and to hell with listen.

  2. JJ...Chuckle If you cannot see a f*****g Train coming down the track, straight at you, YOU, that M****rF*****g horn ain't gonna make a bit of difference.


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