Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Fresh Hell?

Ok, for this fresh hell I have to set some ground rules.
Number 1ne Thing: I'm talkin' 'bout my daughter.
Number 2wo Thing: See Number 1 thing (#1 thing)
Number 3hree thing: I feel that there are lot more men that love their daughters and would place themselves in harm's way' for them, than the print media would have you believe.
Number 4our thing: she really is my pride and joy.
Number 5ive thing: see number two thing (2wo, #2 thing)


  1. I'll drink to that one, bro.

  2. Thanks.
    I seem to be chasing away readers. May be a dry spell.

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Not every post appeals to everybody. Also, I am sure, sometimes one just doesn't have time to do more than quickly read, and move on. I have noticed my comments dropping as well. Part of it may be that I'm not commenting on their posts, due to time restrictions.

    So now you have two comments on this one.

  4. Hi honey, I'm hooooooome! (but I've really got no choice in the matter durin' this miserable house-shakin' window-rattlin' rain-blowin' wind-howlin' tree-crackin' monsoon-like weather we're currently experiencin' here in The Bowels). Gotta tell ya this tho, just hearin' from ya sure made this miserable day a helluva lot better. Top off yer message with one of my OTHER absolute faves, Stevie Ray, and now, well, all is good in MDJ Land. So many thanx for the cyber kick in the ass Punch. I REALLY needed it. Yeah, I know...I ain't updated here in a coon's age but in all honesty, either I can't get on the computer cuz my son is always freakin' hoggin' it up or I'm too damn tired 'n am dead asleep or I'm too damn depressed 'n don't wanna be bothered or I've got nuthin' to say 'n don't wanna bother anyone else or I've got sooo damn much to say that just the thought of typin' it all out exhausts the hell outta me or yadda yadda yadda and there ya have list of excuses as to why I've been MIA. The ONLY reasons why I got online and got yer message today is cuz a) my son is conked out in his room; b) I'm NOT conked out in MY room (for a change); c) there's nuthin' good on t.v. and d) I'm too damn lazy to get my fat ass movin' to do any housework today. So, keepin' all that in mind, can't we just count THIS as my Blogger post-of-the-month 'n consider my blog now UTD? Besides, I'd really prefer killin' 2 things with 1 bullet ANY day! ;-)


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