Sunday, January 5, 2014

Note to Self. Ca. 1/1/14

Get Over It!
With Sincerest apologies to Paula Taylor for ripping her off.
But Her graphics are something else.
Knocked me down.
Hope you enjoy it.
Oh yeah, credit to the Eagles for the thoughts and words.


  1. Hmmmmm. That is not a cop-out, I have never warmed up to this song. But then, maybe I just don't get it. Sorry, pal.

    1. There is nothing to get. Get over it.

  2. I can't see why anybody would like this song like it's my fault if I can't find a job that gives me the respect and appreciation I deserve and I can't help it if the girls are too stupid to see how great I really am and that they are the ones losing out and it isn't my fault no it isn't. So get fucked muther fucker. Get over it.

    1. All this whinin' and cryin' and pitchin' a fit
      Get over it, get over it


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