Sunday, February 26, 2012

Misters Cale and Clapton. We all shoud be so blessed. 2/27/12

Well it just seemed like a good idea.
Hey I could be wrong.

Monday, February 13, 2012

What Fresh Hell 2/13/12

The harsh winds of modern American conservativeism blow through the civic landscape.
The Anything-President Obama-wants-we-are-against-party saw a bee last week and now swears it is an entire colony of bees, killer bees at that, that is sweeping across this great land and we must again be afraid, very afraid.  They are trying to say that the Catholic Church is now protected by the state when they, (Catholic Church, CC) treat their bitches anyway they want.  Keep them barefoot and pregnant.  Everyone pities any fool wants to help those Catholic broads live as equals to men. That chump must face the wrath of CC and their man/boy lovin’ Pope John John.  Back with John Fitz Kennedy was running for prez, the buzz was that he was loyal to the pope and not the constitution.  Turns out they were right; wing that is, the CC must be loyal to the Pope and not the Constitution. Wasn’t the current Pope a young priest involved with Nazi German? Oh that’s right he turned to look another way? Anyway, Santorum is a long term Catholic, Newt is a newbie Catholic, and Mitt the twit is not a Catholic, the right of right of center GOP does not want Catholics but now joins the mob in an anti President-colored-boy-Obama rant against affordable health care for AALLL Americans.  To this ol’ back slidin’ southern Baptist, if a church is running a business in America they should play by the same rules as everyone else.  If Catholics are so devout about birth control, why does the Church have worry about the availably of the product?  ‘Good’ Catholics will not buy them and the evil wicked devil’s work will dry up due to lack of demand. 
Is the GOP establishment about to help, Newt?  Nahhh he like female interns.  Just like Clinton.  Well, on second thought, maybe he can do an ok job.
The proof is in the eating of the pudding.
(Leave it lie, JJ.)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The road to Daytona 2-4-12 Part Two - Why they drive Fast cars.

Don' watch this video turn it on move to the 50 sec. mark.
Look at Candy.

Product of an Italian Tractor Manufacturer.

Grid Girls Rule in Daytona.

 I could tell by her boots she wanted to see me in Hell.  I just hope I don't get there late.

Which way is the Acropolis?

I swear that is Dale Jr.

The SYrens.

"Sunshine came softly through my window today"


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