Friday, August 10, 2012

What Fresh Hell - Noah & Gomorrah 8-2012

And an OTHER thing: 
I think it all started over to Termites of Sin and moved to Banquet of Consequences.
But let us back up several days to when Intelli on the comments of Banquet of Consequences, suggested a recreation of Sodom & Gomorrah.  Yeah Buddy, I am all in! 
But then I got to thinkin’ ‘bout things and stuff.  So, I go into my library and retrieve my (my) bible of the shelf where I keep it for handy reference.  Now JJ, hush, Mr. C, don’t even start, walkin’ man, you most likely will understand, the lady commenters, it goes without sayin', will fully understand.  So like I was sayin’ I got the bible my mother gave to me in 1960 (note on the fly page) and like any good son I have kept it all those years. I used it for reference while listening to Southern Baptist Preachers.  And for the fact that if a son throws away a bible his mother gave him he will instantly understand what Elliot meant by Burnt Norton.  
Anyway Genesis chapters 6, 7 and 8 cover the flood and the Deweeb Noah.  
Now the part about S&G, but first another digression.  The aforementioned bible is what is called the Scofield Reference Bible (Authorized KJV) edited by Rev. C. I. Scofield, D.D.  This has a great cross-reference in the back of various topics.  I use to listen to the preacher as he (always a He) pounded on the bible and waved it ‘round like a sword raised in anger and when he gave me a topic I would go to the cross reference and look up the topic to find what was stated in other books of the B.  So, SO   , Imagine my surprise just today, when I could not find Sodom (ok I’ll spot your prudes that one) or Gomorrah.  I had to look under wicked to even get close.  Turns out it is in the 19th chapter of Genesis. 
Ok here is the deal, God was gonna destroy every blooded life form (warm and cold no plants) on the face of the planet. (They call it earth) ‘Cause they were evil, but he wimped out ‘cause he was gay for Noah.  Blah, blah, blah fast forward to Sodom and Gomorrah  where God was gonna destroy the entire towns of S&G, but pulled his punch (no pun) ‘cause he was Gay for Lot.  
By the way Lot had already given his daughters to total strangers to screw their lights out just to please that same God.  Guess it worked.  Wonder what the daughters thought about his God. Damn!  Anyway I say let’s all get on the S&G expressway to hell.  ‘cause it looks like the Wimp ain’t gonna destroy D.C.  Hey is that why it is called Washington D.C.

Oh, so why do we have races if ONLY one Human family was allowed on the boat? 
Ah Never Mind.
Thank you for reading this ramble.

The What’s left of the right Rev. Punch.
Ps where do hermaphrodites come from?  Is that God’s answer to the constant prayer by most Americans yellin’ at the political ads, ‘Go Fuck Yourself”.


  1. Quite the scholar you are! I wish our political candidates would spend half that effort researching facts before opemning their yaps.

    But, like Mama always said, " a wish in one hand...."

    1. So? Did I get that right? A (A, a) wish in the hand is worth two in the bush?
      I'm all in.

  2. I wish half of our scholars would just leave the Torah alone...unless of course they are Jewish scholars (Rabbi's). They still retain the right to do whatever with it. Include excluding the Palestinians from having their own state. Which bring us to DC or Belt way<get it politicians, like Lot's daughters, why do you think they need a constant rotation of Pages in the book of Senate?

  3. You are perhaps (lawyerlike) correct,
    they (THEY) just don’t get it.
    (Spoiler Alert)

    If they (who ever THEY are), are able to say that GOD told them to let those men fuck your daughters senseless, and (AND) you are ok with that!

    WHY do they (ahem THEm) hate Queers.
    Queers will only fuck your sons!!!!


    Never mind.

    Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.

    (The leaps are very very small.)

  4. What have you got against a little hospitality to strangers? The Eskimos seem to like it and it did save Lot's ass.

  5. Ok bro, just send that daughter of yours over and all is forgiven.

  6. Southern Baptist preachers, for the most part, just plain scare me.

    1. Right on sister. You made me laugh. Thanks.

  7. We don't need no stinkin' reference bible...we's got Google. It tells me that there was no Sodom and Gomorrah, only Santorum and Gingrich...and the two Rs, Romney-Ryan. The last days are upon us brother!

  8. Well now you see the problem with Google. It does not know the difference between a lovin' fun destination and miscreants saying they are from god sent to destroy your way of life. I just hope Mr. C. has not allowed them to have at his daughters. I would like to be a fly, on the wall, when they knock on Intelli's door.

  9. well, that was a wonderful ramble. deightful, even.
    clearly, you are " all in" ....
    great comments, too.

    1. Harli, thanks for understanding a poor wayfaring pilgrim.

  10. You haven't posted for three weeks. Sheeeeeit, did Yahweh strike down your old sinflalooting ass?

    1. Thank you oh wise and exalted one.
      I had not realized that time has passed.
      Now that you have brought this severe error to my attention
      I really must do something ‘bout it.

      Your servant.

      Herr Savant.

  11. Evidently your nickname of "Speedy Savant" has to do with something other than posting on this here blog.

    1. I believe that was Speedy Gonzales.
      See the date.
      BTW who is Justo Xjustice???? bet he/she votes.


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