Sunday, June 5, 2011

What Fresh Hell - Shamballa 2011

Comments for last week’s blog.
(Smart ass comments are the ones in ())

jadedj said...
The Memorial visual is quite nice, as is the thought.
I am Grateful for the Truckin'
the rest of it is absurd.
(thank you for your kind words. It is the thought that sometimes means the most.)

the walking man said...
Is that un-inicated or unindicted?
(Uninitiated) (I count on you for diction.)

intelliwench said...
Reading these posts reminds me of watching other people trippin'....
(far out man…oh ahhh babe? Dude? Chick? Broad? Chuckle, it is a long strange trip)

Harlequin said...
the visual is a nice tribute. well done.
(thanks harlequin, even with the puns, it is from the heart.)

Andrew said...
So who is JS? Not free?
(Journal Space a blogosphere that went ‘meh’. Oh and you had to pay for it. This is free and I’m a cripple Wright now (right) yet I carry on.)

BKelley said…
Question about the painting: is that straight photograph of the painting, or did you do some Photoshop work as well?? The black looks like it might have been added in post.
(it is a photograph of a photograph of a painting. I reworked it with Photoshop to have the background black and the heart float. I would put it up larger but right (Wright) now the blogo is not being nice.)

Ok for the good news, I am back from the Rapture!
what a bummer!
Damn, it was like sitting through a Republican camp-meeting.

Traffic was back up like Hurricane Ike was coming back dragging’ Tina by the hair.

I mean the gas stations were out of gas.
Out of f*&%$ing gas, for Christ f*&^%$g sake!
That is false advertising.

Seems like all those caught in the Big R needed gas?

Who Knew??
Peace and love and all like that there.


  1. Welcome the fuck back. Good thing you didn't have a Ferrari in the Garage or it would be at Mr. C's house right now. devilish man that he is.

  2. But didn't you get one of those mansions when you were up there? So the Bible really is a metaphor..or bullshit.

  3. Thought? WTF? I have no thoughts. What the hell is wrong with you, Roy?

    If the man raptured your ass, we are indeed in serious fucking trouble.

  4. You guys keep forgetting, Punch was raptured in the "other" direction. Give the boy a break. A little fucked up, but they did send him back in one piece. At least, I think so. You are in one piece aren't you Punch? At least, you are getting a piece aren't you?


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