Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Fresh Hell - Blame Mr. Charleston 6-28-2011

This could be the death of me. First thanks for the fine greeting of hope and kindness. It means more than I would have thought. Thank you.

 I'm still dinkin' with the blog and looking at starting over.   Punchinello.77 is looking good right now. but not tonight or tomorrow night. Don't know what the jam is but I'm stuck with the comment thing right now. We’ll see. Gotta do somethin’ I can’t say piddly ‘bout diddly.

Here are replies to the last post. I wanted to re post the comments but it's just too much work right now. Open two windows and read back and forth. Or not. It is the commies fault.

Response to the last post.

Mr. Charleston: First, Maybe I was raptured and I failed the physical. Sent my ragged ass back, sos I gotta pay the hospital bill.
Second, let’s take a moment go back over the notes about secrets and what they are and their purpose. Oh yeah, and the proper maintenance of same.
I, of course will review my notes on friendship and such. Thanks for the thought.

The walkin’ man: I would love to join you and the pups at the bar.

Jadedj: It has been going to the dogs for about 2 months now and I’m thinkin’ ‘bout bringing in some Cats. Black Cats with cool posture.

Harlequin: Thanks for the encouragement. Sometime stuff does just get all twisted. Good time to hang with smart dogs.

Nance: Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Please come back. Thank you, I will be well. All is going very nicely now.

Susan: Being with Dogs is not a bad thing. Thank you for your good thoughts and healing vibes. Loving and healing energy is not a joke on this blog.  (maybe a movie, He who be's with dogs, nah)

Andrew: Thank you for your kind words.

The walking man: amen, less red with more red. I will survive, just need to keep the less with meat and more with wine.

Beach Bum: Great to have you visit. Please come back soon.

After leaving the Hospital I felt like I could learn a great deal from this 'ol dog.


  1. This dog is smarter than most of the pols on Capital Hill.

    That's what Louis Armstrong said...bring on the cats, pops.

    Looking good, bro!

  2. this is a test
    and it seems to be working.

    Google Chrome?? please be the trick.

  3. Pray for peace and love and Punch back on line.
    Or not.
    Oh Jadedj...thank for the post.

  4. True confession: I'm not really much for pet posts. I try, but something in me just doesn't love every single cat photo and pup vid just anybody cares to post.

    This dog, though? LOVE THIS DOG! Wish I had half the self-control.

  5. Andrew...it is with trembling fingers i reach toward the keyboard this morning.
    Will it work again?
    What should I say?
    a. 'that's one small step for (swssshhhissss) nah
    b. 'Mr Watson come in here I need you... nah every school kid will spot the crib.
    c. 'oh my dear god, thank you thank you thank you. nah too effusive.
    d. Thanks for the comment. meh.
    thank you.

    Nance...you are a true sister. I could not agree more with you assessment of dog and cat photos. And even more with you comment about this dog. I agree with wishing for such self-control. What most impressed me was his/her ability to know the difference between 'say three' and 'three' No BS from this dog about word order. I would suggest if we were given the loving reward for work well done we all would live in a better world.

  6. Fabulous video Punch. I wonder could I train my wife like that?

  7. Oh, congrats on being back up and running on both counts.

  8. Mr. C, you mean she isn't? Wha the...

  9. Mr. C...Yeah Buddy, let's rock and roll. Thanks, I'm feeling better everyday. Get to do the other side within the month.

    Jaded...He's the one that's trained.


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