Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Juxtaposition 6-30-11

So let's see what fresh hell this might bring.


  1. Whoa!! What fresh hell is this? Nawleans flash back?

  2. Wait a minute...the Trinity in one-bar strapped Latina heels? I'm thinking a nice sensible pair of flats would be more practical for their daily wanderings.

  3. I have nothing on this one, not yesterday and again not today except for a nice set of legs.

  4. That's it? You're going to just leave us here hanging? No follow up. No justification for the blashpha thing. No nuttin'?

    Everything Mr. C said about you in that tweet, er twit, appears to be true.

  5. this is a twisty juxtapose.... quirky and thoughtful and edgy.... sorta what i expect from you.... among other features.

  6. Went to Mme. Laveau to have your psalm red, did you?

    Gotta believe in something...

  7. Andrew… I have to agree. When I made the image I was coming from ‘Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man’, but who wants to paint a young man. (Ok young women, I give you that) It scared me too.

    Mr. Charleston…that could very well be.

    Jadedj…I think flats would go well during the day but it was the boy’s night out. UhAhh so to speak. BTW, she stopped the show at Studio Golgotha.

    The walking man…that’s the body part that caught my eye.

    Nance…Yes indeed sistah, Wow. Such a clear concise comment. Kinda thought that myself.

    Jadedj…Fate also has a small, but important, role to play. In most cases where patience is required, a situation is inevitably out of your control. A wise man once said, "Whatever is decreed cannot be prevented from happening, and whatever is decreed not to happen cannot be made to happen." So an attitude of impatience and panic actually causes harm in such instances.

    Harlequin…thank you for your insight, it is always welcome after reading jadedj.

  8. Intelli…you always seem to know when I’m typing my response and post just before I do. As a matter of fact I did have my palm red. Turns out if I did not paint Her back stoop red, she was gonna mix up that potion that makes me love everybody and pour it down my throat. I could not have that what with Jadedj and Mr. C lurking out there, and Bachmann, and Limbaugh, and Hannidy, and O’riley, and Bush, and Boner and well it was just too terrifying.


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