Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Times long gone

Ferrante died yesterday at his home on Longboat Key, Florida

His business partner Teicher, died two years ago on St. Armans Key.

Mr. Ferrante found it ironic that at the end of their lives they both still on Keys.


  1. I wonder how many people under 50 even know who Ferrante and Teicher were.

  2. James...very good
    WalkingM...very few

  3. Sorry but...I wonder if they buried their cheesy wigs with them. And it occurs to me that they are now off key.

  4. Walking Man, I know! Granted, I'm not that much under 50, but I'm claimin' it!

    I actually still have one of their LPs somewhere. I'm not sure if that makes me awesome or pathetic.

  5. JadedJ...yes they are off key now. Ferrante stayed until he had reached 88, one year for each of the keys on the piano. He wore the rug till the end. He owned the entire top floor of the condo he lived in. Played the piano until 4 weeks before his passing. They were still in billboards top 20 with the likes of ZZtop and the Rollin' stones.
    For the record (no pun?) their music made a few evening much better for this ol' boy.
    Intelli...you are awesome, jadedj's pathetic.
    thanks for the set up Intelli.

  6. Intelliwench...Awesomely pathetic perhaps? I would never criticize someones *ahem* record collection but I am curious, were they part of an inheritance?

  7. OK I admit it - had no clue, never even heard of them. Not bad.

  8. Lou...NZ sounds really nice, I'll bet they played there in the day.


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