Friday, September 11, 2009



  1. Why is this unattractive fuck getting laid? Yes, he has power and all that, but why would any woman in her right mind have sex with this man? Yuck! Yuck! I mean, YUCK! It's like having sex with Daddy. Jesus, is everyone either a hooker or a pimp? This guy should not be getting all this action. And I am not talking morals; the dude is repulsive. Spanking--he needs to be pistol whipped.

  2. EotR...she is a lobbyist. Need I say more? And, his stupid ass is outta here. I am sure Mrs. Duvall is in total agreement with the pistol whip part...and her lawyer is going to do it.

    Sorry Punch, did mean to steal your thunder comment response.

  3. EotR...please let me hold you coat. Please work up a sweat. Oh by the way, please unload the pistol.

    Jadej...please say more...

    Thunder on the mountain, and there's fires on the moon
    A ruckus in the alley and the SON will be here soon

  4. Eewwww I bet those women be p*ssed when they hear how he's talking about them. No matter what their agenda he still a pig.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha a fat old white fuck spanking his lobbyist on the side; then making sure his other woman is in on the secret. All the while going home to a third woman? I'm a year older, don't drink, do smoke and have no power but I doubt that his dick works that good. His mouth on the other hand is going to be kissing a lot of ass for the rest of his life of which the next few years should be in San Quentin where I am certain he will get spanked often.

  6. This guy reminds me of the sex-crazed nut who was constantly talking to Karl in Sling Blade.

  7. That's done appallingly - the video wall is on the wrong angle facing left and is on the left, the man and woman are way over to the right.

    Hope they sacked the production manager.

  8. Punch, thanks for helping me launch my new "Lose Weight Liberally" diet plan. Watch this crap fifteen minutes before mealtimes, and your appetite goes away. (To EoTR: Duvall'd be a sleaze even if he were a buff 30-year old.)

  9. an ick factor of 12 /10; but it makes the point.
    and I repeat: ick

  10. Lou...Eewwww, that is an excellent choice of words? I cannot visualize him on top of anything.
    WalkingM...San Quentin sounds good, perhaps he would become a lobbist for prison reform.
    Mr. C...yeah, ummm,
    James...? does that make his actions ok? are right.
    Harlequin...ick another fine word.

    Let's see now, this guy is a laughable, icky, weightloss program that makes one go Eewwwwww Yuck, even when shot from a bad camera angle.
    Thanks for the comments.

  11. These politicians are just disgusting. I'm all about spanking some lobbyists for their disgusting behavior but I think he had something else in mind. He's certainly not a gentleman bragging about his antics.

    I think his wife should spank him all the way to the attorney's office and the bank.

  12. PeachT...spanking is too nice, I would say bring the whip down and hard. While I agree with your suggestion about the bank and attorney usually those wifes are trained in Stepford and rarely leave the gravy train while sitting at the table. For them lumpy gravy or wavey gravy is better than no gravy.


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