Saturday, July 27, 2013

Long time no See? Read? Hear?

Hello again.
Mr. C was down here for the Indy Races and said...
No I was up there for the Firecracker 400 and he said...
you have not posted for 9 months.
I said Huh??
I had the privilege of attending a lecture? with Erskine Caldwell back in the 60's at The University of Florida, and he said he gave a novel 9 months to get written
 if it is not done
He puts it in a vault and begins a new one.
I met Erskine Caldwell and
I'm no Erskine Caldwell.

A thought occurred to me.  What if there are Hackers for Jesus.

Say What??? the hell, does that have to do with God's Little Acre, (hum, never mind)

I sent an email to a friend and I had clipped info from FB and copy/paste and blah blah
and sent it out.  Big mistake, I dumped most of the babble but one did get through.  It was a Christian dating sight (sic) with a foxie broad wanting me to come to church to meet her.
I thought 'let's meet and then maybe I'll go to church with you'.
ya never can tell who might put out. (but I digress)

I was talking about Hackers for Jesus.  It is a start up enterprise that is aimed at taking money from fine christian folk and lining my pockets.

Please send money to the Church of the Opening Door.
Rev Punch. Proprietor.

Now with that lead in you will think I'm joking with the following photos.
I am Not.
This fellow is 74 years old and he still qualified for the Coke Zero 400 AKA Firecraker 400, Daytona 2013.

I must say if, when I'm 74 i get in a racing car and qualify for the Firecracker 400 at 193 mph plus.  
Jesus better have his god damned hand on that fuckin' wheel.
No kidding.

This is Morgan Shepherd # 89.
46 years of Racing with Jesus.
With Love and Respect.

The Man Himself.

 His Pit Crew. (for real)

At Speed

Bad Boy Drive a Challenger. yeah buddy.

Purple Reign



  1. Racing for Jesus? WTF? Reminds me of a scribble on a urinal wall I saw in Tallahassee (back in the day) read, "Kill a commie for Jesus". It seems to me that ol' JC has a wide variety of interests, which makes hacking for Him not all that odd. Right, Ivan?

    1. It's been so long I forgot to used the reply button. Rats.
      See below.

  2. Ah Yes.
    That small group of piss ants have formed into a rock solid band which has as it's spiritual leader the Wholely roller, Ted Nugent.
    They have expanded their mantra to include various shades of color regardless of political leaning.

    A more target rich environment if you get what I mean.

    Thank you for stopping by, sorry to be gone so long.

  3. Replies
    1. Well, (ahem)
      I cannot speak for Jesus,
      but if I (moi) was T?H?E $M&*A#^N I would drive that Mclaren p1.

      Ok, Ok, I would drive the tires off...
      Nahh I would drive it like i stole it....
      Jesus, get a grip, you are the Big J. you don't steal anything. (nothin' you got it?)
      I would drive the piss out of it....
      boy, BOY. Son!! you don't piss.

      Ok Ok I Would Drive the Fuck out of it.
      Hey big guy, you don't Phuuuaaaaa?
      Don't answer that.

      my best guess would be a Mclaren P1.
      one more hot production car.
      (bring your wallet, daddy warbucks)

  4. I guess it was Jesus then that found and got a hold of all the left over Challenger R/T's. Or maybe it was this old dude because if it ain't stuck in some widow women's barn who doesn't know what she has they are near impossible to get.

    Yeah Punch 9 months i just looked on my side bar and saw your blog go further and further down but fear not I think the oldest one there is 3 years since it's been posted on.

    1. That is where I am, those were fine cars, mighty fine, in their time.
      Damn Hollywood and the horse they rode in upon.

      I was hangin' with my grandson looking a Dodges
      I liked the Challenger,
      he liked the Charger.
      I had to smile.

      Thank you for keeping an eye out for me.
      I read your site,
      the last about tree perception made me stop
      and pause.
      With all the news 'bout Detroit,
      I have mentioned your name and
      what you write about.
      you are loved Brother.

  5. Who the hell is this anyway? Been soooo long I wasn't even looking for it and it slam dam got by me. But I will send money to the Church of the Opening Door for penance. Does it have any affiliation with the Church of What's Happening Now?

    1. Yeah buddy I’m tellin’ you right!
      The Church of the Opening Door is a direct Descendant,
      from the Church of What’s happening now.
      I would sit for hours at the feet of the great master:
      Rev Flip (spoken with a quiver) and
      marvel at the great (spoken with a quiver) storytelling cascade that flowed (spoken with a quiver) into the river upon the plains. (mumbled to the ground)
      As for the sending of money, well please do, by all means due. (spoken with a bright tone and bring the music up (slightly))
      You can pay forward or
      you can pay in arrears (careful),
      you can pay out of love or
      you can pay out of fears
      you can pay now or
      you can pay later,
      but please
      pay that Johnson.


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