Friday, April 20, 2012

What Fresh Hell is This????

What the fuck happened???

I did not ask to get shafted.
It just happened.
Like the Mitt Nam-Nation.
North Nam-Nation that is.

What is going on?  What is this an improvement???
Mr. Charleston.
the walking man, you of all must know an answer.
Intelli, ask scooter Pie.
can anyone hear me?
I've lost my bearing?

Oh, wonderful brass tits to cling to.
I'll take them.


  1. Mayhaps thou be hanging on to wrong part...though climbing back into the womb is not an option one must go with the flow and learn you, that this is not an invasion of an alien thing into your soul, but rather the new world order has finally come upon you. Accept it or perish as there is no other digital option in this realm.

    1. Mayhaps thou be most righteth,
      Thee on this day, bringeth fortheth the fairest of the light
      I in my own way museth goeth fortheth
      I thanketh thee.

  2. You are fodder for mediocre corporate design. Besides, they know, best.

    I have informed them of the suckyness of the "new" look. As yet, I have not heard back from them. When JJ speaks, no man fears.

    It takes brass balls to like brass tits.

    I have nothing else to offer.

    1. Ahem… thank you for defining me as fodder (wait for it) for the (wait) MEDIOCRE!!!!!! Corporate blah blah. I demand the distinkshun of being fodder for the brightesteth of the BRighTetH. Thank you in advance.

      I would have loved to have been a fly in that room.
      When JJ no speaks, man fears.

      RighOn Bro… it does take brass balls to stand in the ‘Strip’ and photograph the brass tits of the lawn decoration. One more and I’d have a pawn shop.

      I would suggest you have much more to offer. Just not hereeth.

  3. Replies
    1. My question is this. Is it solid or is it just a plastic coating over a steel frame. My bet is it is hollow, like the rest of the strip.

  4. if brass balls can do anything about the " new look", verily, so doeth.

    but, really, her barely contained fulfillment is clearly motivated by the subtle phallic symbol in the background.
    it's one of the things i like best about your blog.... your nuance.

    1. When I called to 'splain to them about my take on the 'new' and 'improved' look, they sent me a case of Brasso and 52 cotton cloths. They said i won the 2012 El Cohone Award.
      A nuance is only as good as the audience that see it.

  5. Scooter Pie is working on a competing blogging platform, to be called "Dogger." It will be stable, crash-proof, and happy to see you when you get home after a rough day.

    1. this is ole news. I just realize i did not comment of your comment. Pleas send me more information on the Scooter Pie Dogger blog site. thank you for taking the time to post on this. You have a lot going on in your life. Be well and may all around you be well. A loving friend with attitude.


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