Sunday, April 22, 2012

POST 2WO of the PostApock0liptic Era. 4/22/12

I have the solution for all these here wars.
Let's just Tell the TaliKadeaBond that they won!
And then tell the Jewish folks they Won!
and then tell the PALofStine They! One!!

and then US go on about OUR business.

Just a thought.
Hey I hear Celine's Back.


  1. Looks like Celine's had some serious back surgery. Or, could that be the doorway to her soul?

    Like you idea of saving the world. After all, it fits right in with today's trend of giving everyone who participates a ribbon.

    1. I like the idea of a tour bus in Las Vegas being the doorway to the soul. Cool.

      My forum for saving the world is sorta like giving the Republican who has stood in line the longest the nomination to be the POTUS.

  2. I wonder if you look down when you get aboard that bus do you see the mountains of the moon? Why yes we could tell them all that and then follow up with asking them to help us with food and weapons, guns and ideology. What do we tell those Afgrannies though?

    1. Actually you can see the Mounds of the Moon, just below Celine’s back, ‘course you have to cut your eyes real sharp towards the back of the bus.

      Regarding the Afgannies perhaps an “I’m so very sorry for the inconvenience, if there is any way we can make it up to you, why just call.” Oh yeah and maybe a ‘Ya’ll come back, now, ya hear?”

  3. That sounds like one of them there Congressional Commie Democrats idear. WhatshisOreo down there in Fla is on top of that shit. Ain't gonna happen, pal.

    Btw, word has it that Celine is a door...out there on the streets. They don't call her the Colloseum for nothing, you know. Once a woman takes that road and lets anybody in who has the dough...well, you know. An age old story.

    1. First off, for real change to occur one must suspend disbelief.
      Number 2wo thing is; door sounds a lot like whore, that, is, where, I believe, you made your first mistake.
      Number 3hree thing, She is not call the Colloseum, she is playing the Colosseum. (sic) (2nd)
      Number 4our thing, a woman on the Road to Dough is a Beautiful thing. (3rd mistake)
      Number 5ive thing, if her story has a bit of Age on it, Old dudes like me begin to resemble what Big Joe Turner defined, years ago, as;
      ‘a one eyed cat peeping in a seafood store’
      Number 6ix thing, thanks for the comments. (1st thing you did right)

  4. Thanks for showing us Celine's back door(s). The only tour buses we see in Bubbaville are haulin' NASCAR shit.

    1. Celine’s back is far more interesting than Dale Jr’s.
      All NASCAR has to offer is 8 pounds of shit in a 5 pound sack, going about 200 mph.
      Speaking of Bubba what the hell happened in Augusta this year?
      Bubba my ass.

  5. Damn itell...I told you not to mention that NASCAR thingy. Now you've set him off.

    1. I have been to anger management classes.
      Turns out if you are a NASCAR fan they give you a 90% discount.
      Pissed me off!
      Had to leave the class early.
      Some guy threw a helment at me.


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