Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What the Hell? Mystery Train

Ok now that we have our spelling and philosophy lessons covered,

let’s put joking aside and return to the lesson of Art.

In this case, the Art of Photography and Music developed in the soup of notes torn from word butchers pages.

Part of the Art lesson is another photograph from the Drum Circle.

Part of the Art

Of the lesson

Is hearing the craft of Scotty Moore,

With Eric Clapton, rhythm and vocals.

It all becomes a train.
It takes a lot to laugh.


  1. Another great photo. Love the sky. Every time I hear that song I think of Elvis and the movie of the same name.

  2. But I'm listening to Clapton right now and he's playing "Before You Accuse Me" I don't really hear any drums in it, some rim playing to keep a beat but no drums. Are you sure you got the right picture there old son?

  3. Mr. Charleston… Thanks for the compliment. The sky came from the thunderclouds that rolled through, bringing a cool wind blowin’ in the rain.
    A feeling, difficult to photograph.

    I have to say the first hearing to make an impression upon me was Paul Butterfield’s set in the Last Waltz.
    Of course the train had just left with my baby:

    Train train rolling down down the line
    Train train rolling down the line
    well it took my baby
    and left poor me behind

    the Walking Man…Eric said ‘Before you accuse me take a look at your self’, I offer, Juxtaposition as a key. Expectation is another.
    To shed a bit of light on the string theory I’m following: Last post Mr. C. corrected my spelling, JadedJ made a joke, you responded with a comment about joking, I wanted to post another photo and have another run at Scotty Moore playing with E.C.
    Dylan wrote ‘It takes a lot to laugh; it takes a train to cry’. A video of Mystery Train seemed rather straightforward to me, what with the jokin’ and all.
    I seem to have been wrong.

    Mystery Train" is a song written by Junior Parker and Sam Phillips. It was first recorded in Phillip's Memphis Recording Service and Sun Records at 706 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee in 1953. The band listed on the label was Little Junior's Blue Flames. "Mystery Train" was released late in 1953 on Sun #192.
    The following lines can be found in the Carter Family’s "Worried Man Blues". "The train arrived sixteen coaches long, the train arrived sixteen coaches long. The girl I love is on that train and gone."
    Parker sings, "Train I ride sixteen coaches long. Train I ride sixteen coaches long. Well, that long black train carries my baby home."
    Elvis Presley’s version of "Mystery Train" was first released on August 20, 1955. It was again produced by Sam Phillips at Sun Studios, and featured Presley on vocals and rhythm guitar, Scotty Moore on lead guitar, and Bill Black on bass. Presley's version of the song was also ranked the third most acclaimed song of 1955, by Acclaimed Music.
    "Mystery Train" is now considered to be an "enduring classic. Both Bill Black and Scotty Moore left Elvis in 1957 because they were being paid only $200 per week while Elvis was earning millions. Still, Black, who had success with the Bill Black Combo, once said to a visitor to his house in Memphis, as he pointed to a framed 78rpm Sun Record of "Mystery Train" on the wall, "Now there was a record."

    Oh and I forgot to mention serendipity.
    The biggest personal motivator

    Now where the hell is JadedJ.
    He is the rascal that started the whole schmozzle.

  4. What the deuce is there left to say, Mr. Wordy, aka, verbose.

    I should point out...and this is cutting into my spider solitaire game...I should point out that since you and I go back many decades, or so, that I sometimes forget that while you may get a subtle "joke" of mine...others may not..and they well probably should not.
    But then I tell myself...doesn't matter, the object person GOT the joke. In this particular instance...the object person being you, I realize that...I WAS FUCKING WRONG!

  5. Huh?

    Somethin' ain't right.

  6. Brushes...the drummer is using brushes.


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