Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drum Circle 10-1-10

Siesta Key Drum Circle
This happens every Sunday evening one hour before sunset.
Rain or shine.

This clip has a crackle in middle of it. just the recording.


  1. Enjoying the drum circle photos -- that's my kind of communion, Punch.

    Have a lovely I gotta beat it.

  2. Yeah! I saw Joe Morello when he was playing with Brubeck, in concert. At the time, I was still playing the drums. At one point, he was in the middle of a complicated solo and reached up with one hand to push his glasses tighter to his face. He didn't miss a beat. Impressed the hell out of me. Best drummer none IMO.

    Love this series of photos, Punch.

  3. Again, love the sky. Looks like it's fixin to come up a frog strangler of a storm.

  4. i just loved the passion and spunk and color and energy of these past few drum posts; thanks for sharing them !!

  5. I was so busy doing
    I forgot about being.
    Thanks all ya'll for your comments.
    They lead to other connections.
    Sometimes my connections are too dense
    an association
    of loose
    amalgamated thoughts.

    To Witt:
    Intelli… the drum circle provides a strong sense of communion. I had a great Friday, I had to beat it also.
    Jadedj…I saw Brubeck in Jacksonville, Florida ca. 1961 sat on the third row, center. Went with Ronnie Reitz a high school chum.
    The Trio; Mr.’s, Brubeck, Morello’ and the monster’ Paul Desmond. When they played ‘Take Five’ I could see the keys that Desmond used, the perspiration on his brow, and the soles of his shoes. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
    …as I look back, I would now call that a ‘life changing’ moment.
    I concur with the ‘Best drummer ever…bar none.’
    Mr. Charleston…It did, blowing in from the sides. Getting the drumheads wet. Hell, getting my camera wet, I looked like a thief, carrying something off, with my camera tucked under my shirt.
    But the Nymphs just keep dancing and the light keep unfolding and I just had to remain for, perhaps one more.
    Harlequin…thanks that means a lot. You have an insight that almost seems a gift.
    Stop by anytime.


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