Friday, July 30, 2010

What Remarkably Fresh Hell

Perhaps an understand of the meaning of Is?


  1. That does it. Sign me up. Holy Ali-baba, who needs rock n roll.

  2. Google it. Even though there are millions of reasons out there fr the making of this film and the book it was adapted from...I still would not dance, wear those robes or, shoes even if I was being inducted into a society of mystics.

  3. Just imagine if they did it with hula hoops...

  4. OK, I had to Google it..."it can be claimed that many of the vignettes in Meetings are meant to be symbolic, or "teaching stories".

    This particular symbolism is a bit TOO choreographed, to the point of silly, methinks. Sorry, pal.

    Bring back the hula hoop girl.


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