Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday 5/1/2016

Still Life.

Still Life?
Oh Great.  Here we go again.
Nothing in that photographic 'Still "Life"' is Alive.
What should I call it?
Dead Life? nah.  Zombies will get pissed off, no blood.
Still Dead? Nah, some smart ass will ask 'are you sure?'

Photographic Composition involving the arrangement,
 conscious or otherwise, of intimate objects.  

Yeah, that’s the ticket.

We all have our heroes and mentors,
upon occasion,
I find they influence ones work, without knowing.


  1. I never thought about why still life is often not really living. I think originally it was meant to be pictures of food, fruit, game, etc. Not that I'm sure that's alive either, really. The game certainly not!

    1. Thank you Jenny for your thoughtful response. It's a word I learned very early on and never challenged it until the influence of George Carlin.


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