Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May First 2012

Mr. Charleston has posted a very photogenic essay regarding South Florida.
He has color by the short hair. 
His eye is excellent.  
His timing is pushin’
Ergo I have to post, or rather feel I must.
He is the photographer for Travels with Charlie.
I, on the other hand, am Atget’s student, with an attention deficient.
To Wit:

Highway US 64 East of I-75.

Marina, Sarasota US 41

Jungle Gardens

Jungle Gardens

Jungle Gardens

You had to be there.


  1. Both of you should consider the world fortunate I do not have a camera...I could duplicate almost all of these photos Detroit style, but for example that sorrowful memorial would be a bunch of stuffed animals and deflated balloons nailed to a telephone pole. left to sit without tending for years. The turtles would be a ration of rats and the city flower would be dandelions while the old folks would never be sitting and relaxing but rather hurrying along with fear in their eyes that always dart about looking for the direction of trouble.

    Punch you have a good eye, Mr. C doesn't have corner on it, except for maybe automobiles which get him sexually aroused.

    1. I could send you a camera for you to take photos with. You send it back with the media card filled. I then process and post your visual view of Detroit.
      Thank you for your compliment.

  2. Wow, you weren't kidding about that memorial. But just wait Walking Man, sooner or later some bozo with the Highway Dept will come along with one of their new mammoth lawn mowers and do the whole thing in so that all that remains is some scattered litter along the side of the road, like most of the rest of the state.

    Good stuff Punch. Glad to see you're still attracted to cooter and dinner.

    1. Good point about the Mowers.
      Yeah buddy, just don't call me Last for Supper.

  3. Hi. I just popped over from Mr. C's blog. Your pics are awesome, too. The two of you are drawn to different subjects, but your eye is just as good.

    1. Thank you Susan, you are so very kind. Please come back again. And. Again.

  4. agree with susan; good eye! i liked the turtles... and the last supper caption.

  5. The things I like most about a turtle, is the shell, retractable head, legs and tail.
    A Turtle can, in essence, say, fuck off and disappear until your lame ass get bored and wonders off.
    (Well not your ass, of course, I am speaking metaphorically, I have not seen your... wait i need to stop digging in this hole, oh hell I'm a dead man walking. hurrumphhh.)
    Ahhhh One’s lame ass gets bored and…, euhhheee, ummmm Nnnnnevermind.
    Thanks for the comment, you are quite observant.

    I sometime think of the last supper I might have and who would I invite. And Most importantly who would attend. I have even money that says I could not get 12 friends to attend.
    Hey, Mr. J got at least one broad to join them that night, but then again some folks don’t believe that.
    I’ll bet (with odds) if they KNEW it was my last supper, every woman I every touched would be there!
    You got it just to be sure it was the very LAsT. Hit the road Jack! Dancing and singing and clapping hands and whoopin’ and hollarin’ pourin' wine and all, and
    oh By the Weight, Get out of town.
    Hey I could be wrong.

    Life is hard, like Hell.

  6. You got style, Punch.
    Life IS hard, but a lot more to see during it than the inevitable alternative, as far as we still living can tell...

    1. Thank you Doug, Style is one of the best compliments.
      I have heard, and do believe, that we should enjoy life for there is nothing on the other side nearly as enjoyable.
      I think it was Johnny Carson who asked Woody Allen what he disliked most about death. Woody said, ‘the hours.’

  7. I find a lot to comment on here. The roadside memorial, for example...the juxtaposition of the barbed wire and the teddy bear, the absolute love with which the shrine was evidently built. And then of course, the photograph itself. Let's hope Mr. C is wrong, and the Florida DOT leaves it be.

    The billboard...Madonna of the Marina, which is in keeping with the unstated beJesusness theme (see cross in the first photo).

    The orchid...great photo. Although, a lily perhaps would have been more in the "spirit" of the whole.

    The turtles...hard shell...as in Baptist.

    The flamingos...just a damn fine photo...even though the birds are "stilted" HARHARHARHARHAr! Still trying to find a beJesus connection, though. I'll get back to you on that one.

    And then the last snack. The ghostly reflected figure portends things to come in the skewed frame up. Brilliant.

    Kudos to you, C, and that visitor photographer, Doug. All of you guys inspire me.

    1. You are spot on about the roadside memorial.
      We all have one in our hearts, yet most do not know it.
      My prayer is the drivers of the Mowers are Chicano and understand reverence for the dead.
      If the governor has his way they will not mow the side of the highways for at least a decade.
      Long live the rich dead beats.

      Thank you for the connection. I did not see the Madonna, but now I do, and the cross reference (no pun) is satisfying to know.
      Although going back to the Walkin’ Man, I can see why in Detroit they would be praying.

      Lily was the ‘spirit’ that was just against my side as I made the photograph.
      I was most worried about camera shake.
      She just held it and all was firm and rigid.
      Mercy, Mercy, blessed are the pure in spirit.

      Well, I was raised up a hard shell Baptist, but these might be soft shell Episcopalians.

      Flamingos, ahh yes StiltsVille,
      I BelIEvE you will see the SiGn of the Cross being Formed by the Flamingos.
      Why it is a plain as the nose on your face.
      BTW you do seem to have a red nose.
      (but I digress)

      Indeed the last snack is comforting.
      Your insight opens a lot of eyes.
      (well maybe not a lot, but it has given me a better understanding of what the world might see)
      BTW, supper’s on me.

  8. I have one thing to add. I believe on closer examination you will find that the Flamingos are actually forming the symbol "T", as in Brave New World". Of course, the "T" is simply a cross with the top cut off. Just saying.

    1. the witnesses corroborated the policeman's testimony
      my personal experience does not corroborate your faith in the essential goodness of people
      Studies that are wrong will be superseded by better studies with different results. Studies that are right will be corroborated by other good studies. —Harriet Hall, Skeptic, 2007

  9. I need to study this. I'll be back in the future. - JJ, cynic, 2012


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