Friday, February 19, 2010

In Memoriam

There is always sadness. In the past few weeks there is far too much sadness.

Mr. Charleston lost his mother, Mean Donna Jean, has lost her immediate family it seems, Peach Tart is going through a big loss that has incapacitated her, not to even mention Haiti and some dickhead in Austin.

Damnit it all to hell.

I don't fully understand why this song brings it all together for this 'ol boy. I just wish I could do more to alleviate sadness.

I read a thought this week that went something like this:

To hate a person is like drinking poison and thinking they are going to die from it.

I have had several girlfriends say: "what the hell are you talkin' 'bout". (just before leaving)

Shoot, Fire.


  1. Punch, I think that the mere act of acknowledging others' pain & sadness, noticing it as part of the human condition that we all share, goes a long ways to helping out. That's what you did here.

  2. Thanks intelli... that helps greatly.

  3. Intelli is right.
    And there is something about Leonard Cohen that knows grief and sorrow.

  4. Good thoughts to you Bro. I'm in a good place and have finally reached the official status of: Observer.

  5. Good post my friend...and I know it is heart felt.

  6. are correct I have felt deeply the word and music of Mr Cohen from the first time I heard them.
    It was the spring of 1970 that comes to mind. Suzanne, but it was Nina Simone that first brought the words to me.

    Mr. Charleston...that is a comfort. The lost of ones' mother is great, but that is the way it is supposed to go. For a mother to lose a child, that is a sadness that will not heal.
    We must all pray for the mothers of all the warriors dying in drunkin' liers' wars. (plural)

    Jadedj...thanks for the insight.

  7. sometimes just honestly feeling what there is to feel is the best tribute there is; it seems to me that your emotional honesty is always front and centre.

  8. Harlequin...thank you for your comment;
    you seemed to compliment me upon my emotional honesty, or is the (you) collective.
    (No answer to the negatived required.)

  9. OK, enough of this shit. Where the fuck are you?

  10. Kiss my ass. I am prayin' over you mother's grave.

    Far more than i will ever do over yours.

    Hey Let's wait a minute.
    Yes I will stand and piss on your grave.

    Well if god is so good to allow me that prevlige. (sp)


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